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The Mindset of a Materialistic and Realistic “Diva”

“Brainless” Diva Doesn’t Comprehend the Magnitude of  Unwarranted Assertion. Daphne is Far from Being Romantic The Kamer Diva is a talent no doubt, but when it comes to brains or making use of one in public she is a charade. The “diva” recently had an interview with team237mag. She didn’t only reveal the qualities of her ideal man, she revealed a cross section of her mindset and personality; the real Daphne—not the loving and romantic Daphne in Calee. Before I delve further into revealing her personality and mindset based on her choice of words during the interview, we will like to…

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RAP, R’N’B & AFRO-POP AT DUBLIN SNACK BAR: PUNNANI PREMIERE; DUBLIN ALL-NIGHT SHOW The Cameroonian Entertainment industry is experiencing a metamorphosis towards greatness. RAP, R’N’B & AFRO-POP are a GOLD MINE waiting to be mined. The RAP, R’N’B & AFRO-POP sensations which have been on the leash are now fully bloom and ready to take the central stage. In line with showcasing the rarest and finest RAP, R’N’B & AFRO-POP talents, DUBLIN SNACK BAR PRESENTS DUBLIN ALL NIGHT SHOW: PUNNANI PREMIERE DUBLIN ALL NIGHT SHOW, is a musical event, Presented by DUBLIN Snack bar Bamenda, which has a unique Objective to Celebrate the Excellence of the…

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Meet Adambi Mbango: Love, sex, Scandals and the Movies

adambi mbango

Meet Adambi Mbango; The Goddess Beautifying Cameroon’s Cinema Also Read: Meet the King Of Cameroon Movie Industry: AGE Adambi Mbango is a Cameroonian Actress and Producer. she considers her fans and followers as friends and family as she’s always open for chats, interaction and she opts to know people following her even out of Social media. Adambi Mbango is 30 years old, lives in Houston Texas, and a Personal Banker. She’s currently in her home country, Cameroon on vacation, but she had no time to rest as she’s on set shooting a movie(Ward Zee). Colours mean different things to different people…

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We do what gives us money; it is hard to work with fat girls as Models…

Introducing Fredash : The King of  Kamer Modeling, Photography, CEO and Founder of FIAFA and CFA Fredash is a perfect example of an illustrious Cameroonian, he doubles as the CEO and Founder of FIAFA and CFA. He is a game changer; changing Cameroon’s entertainment industry through: Modeling, photography, event, shows and awards: Click on the Subpages to know more About Fredash via HAC and to know more about CFA. [nextpage title=”Julette Had A Chat(HAC) With Fredash”] I met with Nemfor Alfred AKA FREDASH. OWNER OF Fredash entertainment which deals with modeling and photography (and entertainment). Fredash says as one of the…

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Celebrities and Lies That Bind


Celebrities and Lies: Maahlox Lied About Attack Celebrities are liars. They lie about not being bothered when fans ask them for an autograph or selfie in the middle of a meal. A celebrity lies about loving all his/her coworkers. He/she lies about a million things a day; primarily because they are so carefully scrutinized by the media and don’t want their private life out there for all to see. Let’s face it, we all lie. Whether it’s an exaggeration, a little white lie or all-out intentional dishonesty; everyone at some point is deceitful. Luckily, most lies are harmless and many of…

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The Mud House That Made Music and World Music day Epic

young holiday on world music day

The Mud House That Made Music and World Music day Epic. World Music Day World Music Day and Hard Punchlines from Young Holiday and Benny Clancy The Vanilla City crew did not let the environment deprive them of having fun on World Music Day. Life  was made a sweet saying jamboree when the finest from Vanilla City combined and put to the test the strength of their wit. Young Holiday and Benny Clancy just proved once more why they rival with none but themselves. Following the release of ‘What I’ve Become’ the crew made a silent but huge statement to…

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mel b akwen

Dear CB readers, it’s the 3rd edition of “Have A Chat” – HAC, and Our Afro Pop Queen Mel B Akwen made out time out of her usual busy schedule to make the program a success. Our Girl Julette Takov traveled all the way from Limbe to meet with MBA in Buea, she put the chat in black and white as below: Also read: Candid talk with Frank Sire, I am cool with Jeffery and think Agbor Gilbert is a rascal I met with the beautiful, talented, humble and sweet Mel B Akwen(MBA). someone I have known since our secondary school…

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Models and Active IG Followers of MCMG

Beautiful people with the genes of top models MCMG through Cameroonian beauties (CB) showcases the beauties from Cameroon to the world. In this edition of Active Followers, we present to you our top 4 IG followers of the week; People whose passion runs from becoming models to beautifying the entertainment industry. Also read 5 Out standing Cameroonian femaleModels you should know Meet Romeo, a Nurse by profession and the guy with a passion for movies; especially romance, ahh ok oh. He presents himself as a fashion addict, a shopaholic and he loves cooking; isn’t that cute. Romeo manages his own…

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THE DESIGNER WHO MAKES CHEMISTRY ISOMEROUS TO FASHION & DESIGN: LOUIS KONG The present and future of Cameroon’s Fashion & Design Industry. The idea of being perfect will seem farfetched to many but to this Chemist turned Fashion & Design guru, it’s just the start of a vision. Meet the handsome, intelligent and multi-talented Louis Fame McCarter or simply Fame, CEO, President & Founder of  LOUIS FAME Clothing. The brand LF is unique in many ways as it represents the core values of Cameroon.   FASHION & DESIGN: Who’s Louis Fame McCarter? Louis Kong is a Cameroonian Fashion & Design guru hailing…

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Candid talk with Frank Sire, I am cool with Jeffery and think Agbor Gilbert is a rascal

Frank sire and Julette Takov

Candid talk with Frank Sire, I am cool with Jeffery and think Agbor Gilbert is a rascal Frank Sire on the Second edition of HAC : Click here to read the first edition with Agbor Gilbert   Our host of the HAVE A CHAT (HAC) programme recently met with the sexy, handsome, talented actor, writer, producer and famous Cameroonian celeb, Frank Sire, the man behind SIRENATION. We chatted about his career as an actor which he said he’s been acting full time for 3 years but has been writing for a very long time. Writing is actually one of my…

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Meet the King Of Cameroon Movie Industry: AGE

cameroon movie industry

The Cameroon Movie Industry is surviving on the resources and efforts of selfless and passionate individuals; Says AGE. Respect and honour is a measure word for the well deserving. For this edition of HAC, MCMG came face-to-face with the CEO of CAMIFF in the person of AGE. As expected, it was nothing short of a monumental insight into the mind of Cameroon’s finest. The Cameroon Movie Industry: pure gold handled by the wrong blacksmiths. Who is Agbor Gilbert Ebot (AGE)? Agbor Gilbert Ebot AKA AGE is a leading and popular actor, producer and most especially CEO of Cameroon International Film…

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Reality TV Series on Love and Polygamy

Love and Polygamy

Reality TV Series: One man, four wives (Love and Polygamy) A new hit reality TV show titled “Love and Polygamy” has restarted a debate over the traditional practice of polygamy in South Africa. Musa Mseleku the star figure, says he wants to change people’s perceptions of polygamy. And he’s getting some help – from his four wives. The 43-year-old property developer, along with his wives and their 10 children, are the stars of a new reality show called ” Uthando Nes’thembu“, which translates as “Love and Polygamy”. The series, which premiered 19 May, is consistently a top trending topic on…

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Best African Rapper: The HardCore From Cameroon

Best African Rappers

Meet Young Holiday a Hardcore and Promising African Rapper When a new baller climbs to the stage, the echoes and reverberations get louder. The interesting part is when the said baller isn’t afraid to spit lyrics that beat bars on every octave scale you can think of. This baller got an eye for GOLD, he’s Vanilla City’s protegee and an MCMG torch bearer. Give or take; What I’ve become and Freedom can only come from a pure talent. No faking, no hating… he’s Young Holiday, an upcoming African Rapper. Rising African Rapper, Young Holiday spits fire like no other rapper…

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2 Baba Holy Holy – Lyrics and Video

2BABA – HOLY HOLY LYRICS Intro: Yeah Holy holy, holy holy Holy holy Holy holy, holy Chorus: As you dey for there dey claim you holy so I hope you holy pass Elijah sha Hope you holy pass a prophet sha And as you dey for there dey form oga na so I hope you get all your credential sha I hope you (?) Verse 1: As you see me so I no dey bother nobody But sometimes they misunderstand me And I, keep it simple I don’t really care watin anybody yarn about me I just like to keep…

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Lyrics and Video – “Forever” Eazzy Feat Mr Eazi

eazzy forever lyrics

Eazzy forever lyrics and Video Feat Mr Eazi eazzy forever lyrics   I dey kai, I dey kai First time oo I see your face I dey kai, I dey kai First time oo you come my place I dey kai, I dey kai The time wey you gimme your number The way my eye e get I dey kai, I dey kai First time oo you come my place I dey kai, I dey kai First time wey we chop the kiss I dey kai, I dey kai The First wey u gimme your number The way my eye…

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Lyrics and Video of Davido’s “Fall”

Lyrics Davido Fall

Lyrics  and Video of  Davido latest song  “Fall”, enjoy peeps! Lyrics Davido Fall     Eyea! Money fall on you Banana fall on you Prada fall on you cus’ I’m in love with you Money fall on you Banana fall on you paparazzi follow you cus’ I’m in love with you Are you done talking? tell me baby, are you done talking yeah? are you done talking? tell me baby, are you done talking yeah? I don’t wanna be a player no more I don’t wanna be a player no more cus’ my guys call me Cristiano Mr Ronaldo Omo…

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