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Artist Of The Month – July

  Dear CB readers, here’s another edition of artist of the month poll. The previous edition(Artist of the month – June) is now officially closed and the winner of the poll in “Young Holiday”. What I’ve become by Young Holiday feat Benny Clancy had a total of 17 votes out of the 48 votes that were registered! Our Artists give their best to make their voices heard Within Pays, in other African countries and the world at large! So it becomes imperative for us to come up with programs which will give them such opportunities they crave and work hard…

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5 reasons why Celebrities prefer to inter date/marry among their social class

  Celebrities and relationships The question on why celebrities prefer to date or marry only within their social circle and class has caused an endless controversy in the mind of so many people including myself writing this blog post! Sometimes, in my quiet time I get to ponder over this question, though I have come up with some few answers, it still remains an everlasting wonder. Like the saying goes, Birds of a feather flock together, likewise, Celebs of same status quo might want to mingle, tangle and entangle among themselves.  There are 1000 and 1 reasons why Celebs would…

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Early Morning Sex: Neglected Remedy For Healthy Work Day & Week

Sex & Relationship

Benefits of Having Morning Sex Before You Go To Work Morning sex makes me think of lazy Sundays, extra spooning, and the promise of post-coital bacon. That said, I am not pro-mornings in general. Think of me as a pleasant, polite person, who likes to say “please” and “thank you” and washes his hands after using the bathroom. Maintaining this amicable decorum, hand washing and all is a weekend thing. But on weekday mornings, a grouchy monster is unleashed.  Getting up early on a weekday to have morning sex before a work day feels a little bit like a nightmare. You feel me? EliteDaily consulted some experts…

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Young Holiday to represent Cameroonians on international Stages

Young Holiday

Salatiel leads his team to musical colonization while Jovi continues with his dominant Mboko Version of Rap. Skidi Boy and other hardcore musicians express themselves in pidgin as Stanley Enow stays dominant at the herm. Young Holiday raps and represents the standard English heritage of Cameroon music for an all international exposure! Language is the product of society. Cameroon as a society has over 200 local languages (contri toks), 3 Languages introduced by our colonizers (English, French and Pidgin). Pidgin is simply the break down of standard English and this language was developed by the colonizers because our forefathers could…

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7 categories of women you should not Date or Marry

Yvonne Angwi

Virtuous Woman VS Jezebelic Woman It is a difficult task to find a wife, no wonder the bible says, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing”. A woman who has virtues that every man desires is a rare as gold from Ophir. There’s a pack of wolves posting as a flock of sheep making it even 10 times harder to distinguish the virtuous woman from the Jezebelic woman.   Some men have been emotionally broken, shredded into several pieces and left to rot by the women in their lives so much so that, they had no alternative, but…

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Sex Positions that Guarantee Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm Pretty much any woman who’s ever had an orgasm will tell you that it takes lots and lots of practice to nail down what moves make us ohh and ahhh like it’s the freaking 4th of July. The good news is that, for most of us, once we get it right there’s no turning back. The orgasm train is running full steam ahead. Most guys don’t understand female sexuality, hence difficult for them to give a female orgasm. To find out what gets other ladies off (you know, so you can steal their strategies) we present to you…

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Upcoming Cameroonian Musicians to look out for Thank you and all who have been reading our previous write-ups. We really appreciate and want to tell y’all that your complaints have been taken care of. Your well-being is our pride. Due to the fact that we love y’all and on behalf of the hustle in the music industry, we decided to present today’s top performant and Upcoming Cameroonian Musicians making our country proud. WHO ARE PERFOMANT AND UPCOMING CAMEROONIAN MUSICIANS? When we talk of performant and upcoming acts, we refer to those artists who have the following qualities: I. Artists who…

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Sex & Relationship: Main Reasons You’re Still Single

Morning Sex

Sex & Relationship: Still Single? Possible Reasons Why Sex & Relationship is a category that gets complicated when viewed from a religious perspective. So, let’s keep it simple and in the “reality context.” If I had an album, the first track would be titled “This Is Why I’m Single,” ideally rapped to the tune of Mims’ 2007 hit, “This Is Why I’m Hot.” The reference to singledom is a very common phrase in most people’s lexicon. They have been saying it geometrically; proportional to the number of partners they meet. A typical guy will sit in the sun and winds up with a weird reaction all…

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Mel B Akwen is Plus one today and MCMG celebrates with her in a Special Way

Mel B Akwen Birthday

Mel B Akwen Birthday 😀 Dear CB readers, ‘Na’ Mel B Akwen Birthday! It’s with great joy that I write this one, not becaus my Pari-foot ticket don hammer, but because God almighty has made possible for a great, simple, understanding, and outgoing Afro-Pop queen to see her new year. Guys, join me to celebrate this legend today for her contributions in our society are not only limited to the ‘tainment ‘dustry, but to the lives of every single soul fortunate enough to be around her that she has impacted in one way or the other. Mel B Akwen in…

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The Resurrection of RAP like we used to know it. Thank you all who are reading this now and who have been reading all the articles on CB. Honestly, we are grateful and so have decided to talk about a rapper; one of a kind. Young Holiday is a rapper and a songwriter. Most people don’t know what we mean when we talk of rap.  Also Read: R Kelly Criticized by Nigerians said his version of “IF” is unwanted Rapping or rhyming, spitting, emceeing, MCing is a musical form of vocal delivery that incorporates “rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular”, which is performed…

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Nigerians Criticized R Kelly’s Version of IF and called it an unwanted Remix

R Kelly

R Kelly did a remix of Davido’s IF which many Nigerians criticized him for and said it’s unwanted and uncalled for. The obvious question running through my mind right now is: “Did Davido invite R Kelly for the Remix?” Also Read: 20 Cameroonian Musicians You Sure Know Davido made a decision to go back to the drawing board after several failed projects and earlier this year, he dropped his addictive single, “IF’. Many people believe it’s the best song ever from the talented Legend. IF has been making rounds across the continent and the world at large and Legendary R…

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Flavour N’abania finally Released his 5th Studio Album – Ijele the traveler

Flavour N’abania finally Released his 5th Studio Album known as Ijele The Traveler. Chinedu Okoli, AKA Mr. Flavour N’abania, one of the greatest and Richest African Musician of all time has been teasing his fans about the release of his 5th studio album “Ijele The Traveler” for a while and he finally kept his promises and released the album on the 27th of June, 2017.  Also Read: The Mindset of a Materialistic and Realistic “Diva” In Flavour’s own words, he describes Ijele as follows: The album title, reflects my journey as a musician metaphorically. As a musician, I’ve transformed, evolved and…

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Artist Of The Month (June): Hustlers and Divas

Artist of the Month june

While we seek to make money from whatever we do, we also acknowledge and condemn very strongly any disrespect from whosoever.  In a bit to promote hardworking talents; hustlers and divas (in the music sector), MCMG has devised this poll as a means to reward with a free promo. MCMG Presents the artist of the month Poll on behalf of Cameroonian Beauties. We started this program last year and halted for a while after the January 2017 edition. After working on our platforms, we are now able to give the winners of our polls outstanding promotion. The platforms are set…

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JDR – Suis pas moi dans les faux weh [Clip officiel] by Scandy decimal 2017

Bassem Bazar music, nous présente le tout dernier vidéogramme « suis pas moi dans les faux weh » de JDR disponible sur Youtube depuis le 10 juin dernier. Première vidéo extraite de son EP de 06 titres intitulé « à mi-chemin » on a à la réalisation parScandy. Le film est la vie de deux jeunes qui ont grandi ensemble, mais ont opté pour des chemins différents. L’un souhaitant vivre une vie juste et normale et l’autre voulant toujours être dans les faux weh. Le message dégagé est donc clair, nous faire savoir que dans la vie on a deux routes : la bonne et la…

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