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Sawali le Parisien: Maestro of the Cameroon Fashion and Design Industry

 Outstanding Cameroonian fashion designer:  the CEO and founder of walk to Paris fashion. There are a lot of actors in the fashion and design industry in Cameroon but a few stand out in the crowd. Walk to Paris fashion is much respected for their master stroke designs and touch of class. The photos below give you just a peek into their finest and versatile collections. Who is Sawali le Parisien? Sawali le Parisien is a young Cameroonian fashion and design mavin from the Northwest region of Cameroon. He’s the CEO of walk to Paris Fashion house atNtarikon Bamenda. Get to…

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Lyrics + Video: Simi – Joromi

Simi - Joromi

Joromi Joromi I want you to love me Joromi baby Joromi Joro Kiode? Kilode o? Why you no dey call me Kilode baby? Kilode Joro I dey give you signal (Joromi) Why you no dey see me ah (Joromi) I give you green light tire (Joromi Joro) Omo kilon bubble o (Joromi) Make you no dey fumble o (Joromi) I go shoot my shot e o Joro So Joro baby take my number (Take my number) You know you can call me later (Call me later) Me I want to be you lover (Be your lover) On baby, call me…

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Scotland’s Teenage Model, Connor Newall Takes on the World

Connor Newall

Connor Newall has had a meteoric rise from Glasgow schoolboy to international model whose “unique beauty” stares out from the front covers of style magazines around the world. The 18-year-old from the Govan area has been catapulted into the upper echelons of the fashion world. Almost since the moment he was discovered he has been in constant demand from fashion magazines such as GQ and Vogue and clothing brands such as Dsquared and Stone Island. Connor has been in the studio with a roll call of the top photographers working in the industry today, constantly shuttling between Paris, Milan, New…

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Prostate cancer: Frequent Ejaculation could reduce risk

Masturbation could reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer (Men should ejaculate at least 21 times a month). According to a new research published on the NHS website, the risk of prostate cancer is significantly lower in men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month through sex or masturbation.  Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, with more than 40,000 new cases every year. Researchers from Harvard and Boston medical schools and universities studied 31,925 healthy men. They gathered information through completed questionnaires about the men’s ejaculation frequency back in 1992. The report can be found in…

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Locko is a Disgrace and needs to apologize to Lockomotives and Promoters

Locko has finally become a big household name in Cameroon’s entertainment industry! Supported and promoted by Cameroonians (Lockomotives and promoters) all for free because of his golden voice and outstanding prowess when it comes to the mic. At a point where many believed he will start giving back to the society (hire the services of promoters), Locko chose to export the money to India by hiring fake YouTube view generators. Now a brief summary of Big Dream Entertainment’s Youtube Channel where Locko’s videos are published The channel was created on the 26th of March, 2015 A total of 7,498,889 Video…

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The Broken Link In Cameroon’s Entertainment Ecosystem

Entertainment Ecosystem An Entertainment Ecosystem could be defined as the formation of a complex whole (The Industry), by the connection of several sectors (music, movies, comedy, blogging… etc). A healthy entertainment ecosystem requires as a prerequisite, the ability of the sectors to function together as a unit.  The picture below is a rough illustration of the entertainment Ecosystem of Cameroon: As illustrated above, every other stakeholder or sector gets paid, but the marketers (promoters and bloggers) and this constitute the broken link in the entertainment ecosystem which in the long run, will affect the growth of the unit ( industry).…

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For the Ladies only: 7 types of men to avoid

Dear CB readers, it’s your girl La Fleur again with another exposition on relationships. My first article was about virtuous women vs Jezebelic Women! I wrote about 7 types of women men should avoid and most of You, our loyal readers, dropped reasonable comments asking us to make it balanced by writing about types of men women shouldn’t date or marry. We are always willing to give our readers just what they want and as such, I took out the time to write about 7 types of men women should avoid as well. In case you didn’t read my first…

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