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Mr. P, P-square, Tells fans to go to hell, ‘I will protect my Family’ he says.


MR. P: ONE NAMED PETER By In the public eye, the most recent news of P-Square splitting up, was the 2017 edition of the now-so-stale break up threat that always ended as a strategy, for yet another smash hit. These 2 had literally sat on the Nigerian music industry for almost 2 decades, Sumo style, with nothing short of premium music artistry. They had managed to break out of a dead-end era in Nigerian music to gain and retain an outrageously history worthy relevance; and by every standard possible, they had truly earned it. Peter and Paul could sing,…

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Most Common Financial Mistakes To Avoid

Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck or managing a healthy nest egg, there are certain classic money blunders you’ll want to avoid. Between hidden fees, budgeting mishaps and poor communication around finances, it’s almost too easy to throw money away. We’ve compiled nine helpful reads that outline the most common financial mistakes and tell you how to get around them. With this advice in hand, you’ll be well prepared to navigate any rocky financial waters ahead. 1. The Unnecessary Risk Too Many Women Take With Their Money View photos (IRATXE LOPEZ DE MUNAIN) More Are you worried about getting swindled out…

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World’s Greatest Artists: Two Different People, Two Different Cultures, One Language; ART

World's greatest artists

World’s Greatest Artists speak the same language irrespective of where they come from. They speak the same language, from different platforms, from different planes of reference, but share the same message. Luo Li Rong, born in 1980, lives and work in Brussels Belgium.  Graduated in 2005 with congratulations from Beijing Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA) (SUI Jian Guo’s sculpture department). Rong now works in a sculpture school she created in Brussels and teaches there. Chinese artist Luo Li Rong creates life-size bronze sculptures of women inspired by Renaissance and Baroque sculpting techniques. Those figures are usually captured in motion, often…

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 6 Causes Of Emotional Distance In Relationships

Emotional distance is a real problem that exists not only in relationships but in marriages as well. Most times it starts gradually and keeps building till it reaches a certain height where it becomes too difficult to contain. When you hear things like “I don’t understand him/her anymore” or “it’s like we are in two different worlds” then it’s most likely an effect caused by emotional distance. Emotional distance is when a person gradually shuts his/her affection towards a partner, physically that person might still be in the relationship but mentally such a person has already been detached.   There…

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Social Media And Digital Infidelity

Hidden/ secret things are always fun yet dangerous.Such is the case with infidelity.Cheating is a conscious decision by an individual to deliberately have a sexual relationship with another individual who is not his or her partner. It is first a conscious thought, next a conscious decision, and a deliberate action to sleep with someone else other than their partner. Alot of people believe infidelity must involve physical actions but the most common form of infidelity in the 21st century is social media infidelity. Digital infidelity occurs when people use social media and other electronic communication to cross relationship/ marital boundaries.…

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celebrity vibe: star girl Adambi Mbango Slays in her Birthday pictures

Today the 7th day of October, we celebrate the birthday of an enchanting Queen in the person of  Adambi Mbango. Many years ago, her family heard for the first time, the cry of a sumptuous baby girl, little did they know she will grow to be a screen goddess with a heart made of gold and worth celebrating.    Adambi Mbango is a proud actress who doubles as a producer, kindly join us at CB to put a smile on her face by wishing her a fantastic birthday, successful career as an actress and many many more years.     …

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The Psquare Saga Takes a Ruff Turn: Does Paul Okoye Wants his brother’s Wife?

The Psquare Saga Takes a Ruff Turn… Just few days after Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy, of the award winning music band, Psquare, publicly threatened to kill his twin brother Peter Okoye aka Mr. P, and calling his wife Lola Omotayo a witch, he makes the hatred officially by taking it to Twitter. Paul Okoye unfollowed his brother’s wife on Twitter while the later still followed him. Despite the bad blood between the brothers, the wife had always been at a distance despite the fact that Paul and Jude Okoye have been calling her names and saying she used juju on…

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