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Delly Singah Phillips; The Match Maker

For many, marriage is the ultimate goal of a serious relationship, but finding the time to meet that special someone that you may spend the rest of your life with can be a difficult task. Many people find it hard to separate themselves from their busy work life and find time to meet other bachelors/spinsters. Matchmaking therefore becomes an imperative tool  to help them find their soulmates and make the process of meeting someone new less difficult. Matching Making is quite strange to most Cameroonians, but recently, some matchmakers are becoming the best social and human resources in helping people find…

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Back in February, China’s film industry set a world record for monthly sales in a single market, chalking up 10.1 billion yuan ($1.6 billion). Later, the country posted sales of 20.2 billion yuan ($3.2 billion), a figure approaching the single-market record of around $3.6 billion reported by North America in the final quarter of last year. But while China threatens to become the world’s biggest box office, the commercial model that it once sought to emulate — Hollywood — is losing its dominance in the Chinese market. When China set the new monthly record, its cinemas were full of homemade movies. In March, major Hollywood…

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Top 5 Stanley Enow’s songs

Stanley Enow

Stanley Enow is by any standard the biggest name on Cameroon’s urban music stage. His achievements speak volumes, he’s been occupying the top spot of the rap game for half a decade now and we are yet to see any major challenger.  King Stanley Enow’s journey so far could be likened to a prophet who barely gets honoured in his home! We have seen him over the years convert his hardened haters to fans. Cameroonians are characterised by an in-depth degree of nepotism and tribalism. He’s been called a wack artist by people who didn’t even take out time to…

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J.O.Y In MaShUp 3.0: The Essence of Classics and Rhythm


When the pieces of a puzzle are put together, it gives joy that only good music can give. J.O.Y is the embodiment of beauty, music, and MaShUp. Her previous releases would attest to her being one of 237 finest vocalists of our generation. Under the management of the Westsi2 corporation, she presents the masterpiece to the new compilation she calls “MaShUp 3.0”. This release comes to certify her as a force to recon with in the music industry. J.O.Y is at peace with music. Her consistency is phenomenal, and the industry needs such level of dedications from artists to grow…

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