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First Date? 5 Ways To Tell He/She Is The One

Ever wonder if you could tell if she is the one on your first date? well here are a few tips for you to find out if she could be the one. Nowadays, it is hard to find MR/MRS Right, everyone is looking for the perfect man or the perfect girl.  A friend recently asked me ‘what is my ideal man?’ when I told him hahaha he said “only JESUS CHRIST can be that man.” Well we forget to know that its up to us to find MR/MRS LEFT and turn him/her into MR/MRS RIGHT. Below are a few tips…

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Shalzy Shalene Let Her Go Cover

  KARMAY RECORD’S SHALZY SHALENE has set to release her cover of Let Her Go on the 2nd of September 2018. The 21 year old Raising Arts is a Raw and Talented Afro pop singer from the North west region of Cameroon precisely from Mbengwi. Shalene is inspired by artists such as Passenger hence the cover of Let Her Go.  As  we anticipate Let Her Go, Shalene is also working on other great hits such as April Fool, Wayo etc. Which will be dropping shortly after Let Her Go.   The up coming artist hopes to use this cover as…

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