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237 Fashion Industry in a 2017 Vista

Cameroon’s Fashion Industry

Being perfect will seem farfetched to many, but to the keen observer, that’s where the 237 Fashion Industry is heading to. In the not too distant past, many of the designers making wave across the country today were just ordinary tailors. With evolution hitting us hard in series of shock waves, survival of the fittest set in and everyone hard to follow the wind of change. Social media, rise of new talents, introduction of new technologies, changes in taste and fashion, domination of the continent by neighboring countries, etc., together, changed the perception of Cameroonians towards tailoring. In the rush of this ripple effect, many youngsters set in to give the fashion industry a new makeover. Like it is said, better late than never. Below are a few fashion designers who stood-tall through the mad-rush of 2017 to relegate the traditional tailoring business to it’s rightful place; in the past.

Claude Taku ‘Safari’ (832-907-5527/+237 677684034)

An outstanding 5-foot 7-inch fashion designer who started tailoring in his teens, ending up creating his own high-end clothing line and fashion brand. In men’s branding, this talent stands the test of time; regardless of changes in taste and fashion. He is a stand-alone boutique for his upscale global fashion brand. He belongs to the hall of fame of men of TASTEs. CLAUDE TAKU’S aesthetic designs are beautiful, alluring, abstract and sophisticated. He’s a man of antique and the saying “clothes maketh the man” best suit his class. Suits made in Cameroon are giving designers in the diaspora a serious run for their money. You can get him via email ( or the numbers above. To his credit, dressed 10 nominees in the red feather awards of 2017.


EB Creations

EB Creations is a maestro in the creation of ethnic clothing with a modern twist.  Taking Cameroonian cultural fabrics to the outside world requires a masterstroke to the cutting and mending processes. No one can do 237 couture better than EB Creations. Looking back through time, one would definitely feel the urge to seek ‘A Woman For The Weekend’ who rocks nothing but EB Creations…

Fashion Industry

Cameroonian fashion model Zinky wearing EB creations

Fashion Industry
Syndy Emade repping EB creations

Kolo Designz (675789525) 

With the caption “Dress like you are already famous”  Kolo designz feels like a love portion when you wear it… If you doubt, order for matching outfits with bae .. Your Love will overload. Like a tale that speaks with words of the mouth, talent and quality gave them a spot on the nominee for Best young Fashion Designer in the Cameroon fashion award 2017.

Clap’Style Créatrice

There’s no mixing of words when it comes to the talent associated with Clap’Style Créatrice. Party or soiree outfits come in twos or ones. Which ever one you chose, be sure to get just the best from this house of glamour. Throughout 2017, they stood out in grandeur in both quality and class.

Lima T. Jasino

Speaking of the devil’s advocate in the 237 fashion industry, Lima T. Jasino outclasses everyone in that domain. His touch of class provokes other designers to rethink their work before making it public. Associated with superstars like Tzy Panchak, Jasino doesn’t only bring out the sleeping handsome/beauty in you, he equally makes you want to rethink your choice for wardrobe everyday.

Anrette Ngafor

Anrette is one beauty whose designs reflect her personality. Known for class and glamour she defines the very best in fashion and design. Making her way from the bottom, she finally found a firm foothold and stands out among the best in the 237 fashion industry. Simply put; she has this to say…

Growing up I was this naughty young girl who had so much passion for clothes but had parents who had so much passion for tech education. My parents taught me that empowering others is always a great aspect of life. Through my fashion business Liiber London and being Managing Director of Nacho Cameroon I have learnt so many great lessons about society and the power of great leadership. My journey back to Cameroon has been amazing with tears and laughter and am forging my way through a nation that really doesn’t have a system. Changing the concept of how Cameroonians view technical education and fashion has been a wonderful journey and I am loving both equally. Don’t get me wrong it’s a tough society but I know that if Cameroonians can truly understand and value technical education our society will feel the impact. 


Amah Bertrand

Amah Bertrand, CEO of Amah fashion house based in Bamenda, Cameroon, is a maestro in traditional African wears. He has a great fan base both home and abroad. Even with all the criticisms and scandals surrounding his brand, the designer stands tall.

Amah is a name that relegates competition. His strokes appropriately put are breathtaking. Like fine wine, Amah fashion house has only gotten better with time. In the not too far yesterdays, he tied the knot. From the flamboyant display of his work, we can completely agree that he’s Cameroon finest. To Amah, fashion is a sweet-saying Jamboree. Give him a red feather for he deserves it. Well this is what he had to say to us all…

Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. Am an African man . My tradition, my culture and my heritage means everything to me. Traditional wedding was Lit 💥 and to my beloved wife thanks for being the super woman I’ve always dreamed of. Because of you I can feel myself slowly but surely becoming the me I have always dreamed of being. A proud and God fearing Husband.

Fabric Doctor 

Speaking of the devil, here comes the doctor and mender of all bad fabrics. Fabric Doctor knows just how to blend the different colours and cultures of the country into one stunning outfit. He’s a doctor because he knows just what happens when we have a society that constantly evolve. He is the proud organizer of Kamer street fashion sales. He’s not the best for nothing, yes, check the results of the 2017 Red Feather Award.

Noni White Wears (+237668268000)

Where does one start describing this talent? Noni simply is the best in his line of fabric. He’s that one designer who makes the ‘cuttam-nailam’ see themselves in the 5th century.  He represents the very definition of boss-class and to do justice to words, I will call it “Noni Checks.” Recognized at the Talented Bamenda event 2017, Noni is out for the kill this new season.

His personality describes what he feels simply as “maintain an attitude of laughter and let the inner part of fashion reflect to the outward appearance”…

Louis F. McCarter: The guy with the golden touch (+237670000329)


Louis Kong is a Cameroonian Fashion & Design guru hailing from the West Region of Cameroon. Fame took an alternative route to success after abandoning his master programme in Chemistry at the University of Buea. Fame got into the world of fashion & design and now he draws the curtain. Being a finalist in the Guinness Made of Black Fashion & Design show 2015, Fame is no doubt the finest in the fashion industry at the moment. To his credit, he dresses household names like Helen Paul from Nigeria, Salatiel and his entire Alpha Beta crew, G.O.R.D.O.N. Liinx, and many more. Like it is said, great minds will never stop thinking and when asked what next the CEO responded…

The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work, rise early… work hard… strike the Oil…

The Louis Fame Clothing is a household name both in Cameroon and international scene associated with class & master cut. The brand name was changed from Fame Style to Louis Fame Clothing some few years back. Bringing flavour and versatility in the industry, Fame uses Cameroonian Fabrics to bring Fashion & Design to a whole new level. While a few collections have been sampled here, you could call for more samples with the number above or visit their showroom in Molyko, Buea.




ShaSha designs (673967583)

Like the “Sound of Music” and “La la Land,” ShaSha brings that freshness to the industry that other big names can’t. Word’s they say can’t do justice, so I’ll let the photographs speak for her.


Miss Boss Fashion (699367162 / 691291782)

To conclude this list, here comes the Boss Lady of the 237 fashion industry. Miss Boss Fashion has taken the art to a whole new level. He designs are just stunning and lavishly luxurious. You don’t need to visit D&G, Louis Vuitton, or all the big names in Paris, just dial Miss Boss Fashion and you get world class couture. Typically, Miss Boss is my favorite on the list because she risks it in areas where others won’t.


Beautiful CB readers, here is a recap of the fashion industry in a nutshell. We hope you did enjoy the it. Drop your comments so we can make it better next time. While you read other articles, anticipate the music industry shortly.

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Sawali le Parisien: Maestro of the Cameroon Fashion and Design Industry

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