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A Mature Kamer Entertainment Industry For a Better 2018

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A better tomorrow in unity

Another year has started, objectives set, to be created contents drafted, emotions settled, battle-lines drawn, gossip sources identified, foes noted, friends tagged, but man’s still not hot. 2017 taught us one great lesson which we couldn’t learn in years passed; ‘we can make Kamer Entertainment industry better with just a little more effort.’ The recognition the industry received surpasses that of any other year. With YouTube views hitting a million in just days and upcoming talents doing the unthinkable, we can for sure say that ‘jungle don mature.’

It wouldn’t be hyperbolic should we dare to say almost all the units in the industry achieved a majority of their set milestones. Of all these fanfare of success, two events however, stole the lamplight; the Bonteh Digital Media Award (BDMA) and release of HoliWeek, The EP. BDMA, being the first of it’s kind, beat all expectations and proved once again that the industry isn’t just about ‘GROMOLOGIE.’ Talking of beating expectations, HoliWeek, The EP, did just exceptional. Vanilla Tunes in this project made it clear that mediocrity has no place in the industry. It’s also worth mentioning that last year saw a redefinition of contents as well. Poise Social, 237Buzz, KamerSaga, Cameroonianbeauties, Beta tinz, KamerLink, etc, all proved that we can be original even in a world of copy-paste-edit. Video directing and concept experienced magical evolution, we’re sure of a better and more competitive scene in this domain this year.

Collaboration between artists, bloggers, actors/actresses, fashion designers, event planners and promoters, etc, also saw a new high. These and many more are but evidence of the enormous growth we have made throughout the years while groping from one mistake to another.

Best African Rapper: The HardCore From Cameroon

Positive Energy…

It’s a new year. Another cycle of events has been set in motion. To every action there is equally an opposite but equal reaction. Let the positive aspects of last year champion our decisions of this year. Let the collaboration increase further, let the negativity be there; but reasonable, let Kamer entertainment industry grow beyond borders, let’s see more award shows, let’s give upcoming artists more performance time, let’s do more for everyone. At this point, MCMG extends her apologies to all she wronged and disappointed, consciously or unconsciously. It’s time to seek to be better than yesterday. It is time to achieve new highs, for together we can do better. Thanks for your time and efforts to making Cameroon better.

A Prosperous NEW Year as we ride the winds of success together.

Nkoh Jackson Nkoh


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