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Meet Adambi Mbango: Love, sex, Scandals and the Movies

adambi mbango

Meet Adambi Mbango; The Goddess Beautifying Cameroon’s Cinema

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Adambi Mbango is a Cameroonian Actress and Producer. she considers her fans and followers as friends and family as she’s always open for chats, interaction and she opts to know people following her even out of Social media.

Adambi Mbango so sweet
Adambi Mbango; sweet like Mango

Adambi Mbango is 30 years old, lives in Houston Texas, and a Personal Banker. She’s currently in her home country, Cameroon on vacation, but she had no time to rest as she’s on set shooting a movie(Ward Zee).

Colours mean different things to different people in various works of life, for example, A green light to a driver is an indication to keep moving. Some People will interpret red to be bloody, to mean danger others say red is simply “Hot” and to the Chinese, it is a colour for LUCK.

Now my questions are;

(1) Do you have a favorite colour? If your answer is yes, then Answer the second question.

(2) Let’s say, there were just 5 colours: Red, Black, Green, Pink and Purple, which would you say is your favorite? hahaha!

Oh Yes, I do have a favorite colour.
Damn. My favorite color isn’t listed and I’m stuck with Pink and purple but I’ll pick Purple.


O yea, purple, I now see where the majestic self confidence is coming from, but I will like to know your overall favorite color since you said it wasn’t mentioned.

My favorite color is Yellow.

Oh, I love you even more; Yellow, the color of sunshine, hope, happiness, freshness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy. This explains the source of all the positive energy you possess.

When did your acting career start and how many movies have you starred in so far?

My career as an actress started in 2008 when I was in the University of Buea (UB), I’ve featured and played extras in a couple of movies but Ndolo and the Senator is my first Major project that gave me the platform as an actress and producer.

Adambi Mbango
Adambi Mbango; Red carpet moment…Star Girl Adambi Mbango AKA Mondoni Pikin Dresses to make Statements

Last Year, I put up a poll on one of our websites ( in the category of Cameroon’s best actress of the year (Kamer screen goddess), and the result revealed two things;

  •  You are a serious person and do not take business for granted.
  • You have built for yourself a base of fervent fans, who will stop at nothing to ensure you are number one in the industry.

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Now my question is, How does it feel to have emerged the winner of a poll against other big names in the business?

Oh hahahah. It feels great. It’s nice to know that I have people rooting for me. It’s an honour

What have you been doing to keep the fire burning in 2017?

So far, 2017 is looking great. Ndolo and the Senator will be in the market , and I’m working on a New project to be shot Mid this year. Also have one coming up in November in Cameroon. So I’m excited and my friends and family (Fans) should be excited as well.

Wow, can’t wait for Ndolo and the Senator to be in the market!! Is there any plan for online marketing of the movie?

Yes we are working on releasing it online first with the outlets and platforms that we’ve reached out to, the DVDs.

Stop talking about Fans, they are my family!! 😆 

Hahahaha, can’t stop oo, you sure have a solid fan-base of which I am one of them, you are not only my Celebrity crush, you are one of  my favorite Kamer movie Icon…

Hahahha. Yes they did. I am surprised. My brothers have friends who actually want to help with my career, my mum supports me mightily , I have a strong support system in my family so trust that I could just cough and they make it go viral hahahha it’s very cute. . I’m thankful for them, and ‘them’ are not fans, they are family and friends who want to see me grow and I’m forever indebted.

Wow, it sounds good to know you do not only appreciate your fans, but also consider them as family. am humbled to be a family member!!

Now about 2016, we noticed you were a victim of social media bullying; how did you handle it?   🙄 

Adambi Mbango
A Beautiful Smile to make the world go round: Adambi Mbango among the most beautiful Cameroonian Actresses.



Hhhmmm bullying. I don’t know, I just shock’am hahahahahha. I had no strategy, I just sat it through and it died like everything else. It still comes up every so often but it dies as well. If anything, it showed me how much people cared about me and that I had friends that I never knew I did. People stood up for me and made it less aggressive so I’m glad I have an army I never knew existed.

Awe! we need to know your origin in Cameroon and your favorite Cameroonian meal  💡

adambi Mbango and her mum
Adambi Mbango and her mum

I’m a mixed breed. My dad is from Konda , a village in the North West Region from the Momo Division. It’s very close to Oshei. They share boundaries actually. And my mum is A blend Beti/Etone from the Lekie Division of the Central Region and half Douala from Bonadibong. But I was born in Douala and raised in Mondoni, a village along the Tiko-Douala road in the South West Region so if you ask me, I’d say I’m from Mondoni.

Oh, now I understand why you sobriquet yourself Mondoni Pikin!! hmm, on your favorite meal?

Hahahah yes now you know.
My favorite meal ??????. I love to eat so much that I hardly have a favorite but let’s see….. I love Ndole and Miondo, I love Water fufu and Eru, I love Rice and Beans. Basically if it’s fufu or rice, I’m game lol. I love Mbongo Chobi, especially with boiled Cassava.

emm, yummy! We also noticed your composure and confidence when you pose for the pictures, do you consider yourself a model?

Hahahah. I wish I was. No I am not a model. I wanted to be one growing up, not because I wanted to, but because I have this unique walk that could easily pass for the walk of a model and I was fairly tall so everyone around would ask me to become a model until I started believing that I could be one lol. But as I grew older, I started developing more interest in acting and never gave modeling any thought. I naturally have a very expressive sense of style. Matter of fact I’m super expressive so I like to use my body to make statements, I pose to make statements and I dress to make statements so if my posing and pictures scream “model” it’s not cuz I am one, I probably just act like one hahahha. Maybe I’m some wanna be model, who knows lol. 😆

Now let’s get to the killer Bee Question, hope you are ready for it?

:lol:hahahaaha, Spit it out, always ready!

You Know My crush for you is deep, I will like to know your Relationship Status: Married, In a complicated Relationship, Single?



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Any word of advice to aspiring actors, actresses and producers?

I’m aspiring myself lol
I can only say there’s going to be a lot of people telling them that they can’t do it but they should believe in themselves.♥

Adambi mbango

It was nice having you and thanks for taking some time off your busy schedule to sit for this interview.

And it was my absolute pleasure talking to you. Thank you for having me and thank you for the support you give to the Entertainment industry in Cameroon. I wish a Happy new year to you and your crew

Awe, we are humbled and we stand true to our mission statement to take the entertainment industry to greater heights and we shall give maximum exposure to deserving Celebrities and stakeholders.

Amen , God willing.
Hahahah. Ok nice.
”Twas nice talking to you Davis. 







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Adambi Mbango Goes Blonde
Adambi Mbango Goes Blonde


Adambi Mbango and Kang Quintus
Adambi Mbango and Kang Quintus
Adambi Mbango, My Celebrity Crush
Adambi Mbango, My Celebrity Crush
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