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Blanche Bailey African Musicians

Blanche Bailey Among Top African Musicians

Blanche Bailey is a Cameroonian Afro-pop Diva fast moving to the top spot reserved only for the best African musicians. Blanche Bailey has already conquered Cameroon and she is among the best female Cameroonian vocalists. Blanche Bailey made her intro into the Entertainment ‘dustry from far and wide on the 10th of April, 2015 with the official Video of; “Killa”.

Produced by Ayo Beats , Video shot by Afru Music Entertainment; both  located in London, UK. The Video was mixed by Tommy, based in Lagos, Nigeria. Cameroonians home and Abroad immediately got identified with her rhymes and lines, lots of local Cameroon parlance top of her strong display and expression of confidence: Blanche Bailey easily made her way into the heart of fans across Cameroon. Watch Blanche Bailey’s debut Video Below:

After her debut single, she went underground for a while, perhaps because she didn’t want to be a signee like she declared in “Killa” .

“I don’t need to be a Signee, cos when I come I will be the Main deal”

Blanche Bailey Cameroon Curvy African Celebrity

Blance Bailey,  our up and coming Africa Super Star resurfaced with the cover of Locko’s Sawa Romance and sobriquet it in her own words, “Let Go”. In Let Go, she stood the ground and expressed herself as no nonsense kind of lady, strong not needy of a Sawa Romance like Locko. Watch the Video Below:


Before the public could digest and under her Parallel version of her Sawa Romance, Blanche Bailey dropped the real bomb on the 12th Of Aug, 2016,  which had a Hiroshima and Nagasaki effect on Fans worldwide. This time around, the name of bomb wasn’t atomic destructive, but was constructive in every sense and was and it’s, ” Kam We Stay”.Blanche Bailey Cameroon

Kam We Stay could be translated as as the cohabitation of two un-married people enjoying every benefits meant for legally married couples, with one partner being exploitative thereby making it a parasitic relationship.

If You Say Love Me you must cam go see My Papa

Kam We Stay by Blanche Bailey is an award winning song and with it, she easily took great leaps to the top chats of African Musicians. Kam We Stay was played in every club, beer parlors and occasions. She got booked for shows and concerts, called to grace the videos of other artist with both her voice and her palatable female endowments. She got fans crying and yearning for more, but she assured them that they’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.  Watch Kam We Stay Below:

Just like she promised and assured her Fans, on the 10th of March 2017, Blanche Bailey in this soft, melodic and captivating voice chants through, ” Mimbayeur” Feats Minks. Minks is a talented Cameroonian rapper from the French speaking part of the Country. Many fans think Blanche Bailey over shadowed him in Mimbayeur and called on Blanche Bailey to do a remix of the song with KO-C. KO-C is another young talented rapper from Cameroon and so many fans call him the Sarkodie of Cameroon. I really hope he can step in those shoes, cos Sarkodie is among the best Rappers in Africa. All that said, before we go about wishing for Blanche Bailey to do a remix with KO-C, we have to patiently anticipate the video of Mimbayeur. In the meantime, enjoy the Audio Below:

With the Official video Of Mimbayeur, Blance Bailey is sure to seal her place among other great African Musicians.

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