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Lyrics of Bang Bang By Sein Monty

Afro beat

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Mr Mccoy an Afro Beats producer presents Sein Monty an afro-pop club banger hit maker

afro beats:  “BangBang” is a lyrical love story between a dude and a sumptuous damsel. He uses the word Bang to figuratively express how “head over heels”,  he is in love with the Lady! And in his own way, narrates their romantic experiences in a club while the  DJ was playing his song. Produced by the wild-ass producer; Mr Mccoy and presented by Sein Monty. Is this duo the next Salatiel and Mr. Leo of the industry?

Both Artist and producer happens to be Johnny Just come(JJC) in the industry, and surprisingly enough, their impact is already reverberating on social medias and the streets. We at (CB) welcomes them and wishes them a long stay on every stage and platform they’ve been given an opportunity to showcase their talents on. Click play below and follow up with the lyrics:

Sein Monty – BangBang [Prod by MrMccoy]

INTRO:nahhh nahhh,
one tym is ur boy sein montyyy,
yeah, yeah…..
go tellem……

Bang Bang Bang,
ama his dat *ss tonyt like’ain’t done it be4 gurlllll,
Bang Bang Bang,
ama let the dj play ma song while i hit dat”””[2xs]
woohhh, Bang Bang, Bang Bang say leme hit dat,
nahhh nahh Bang Bang,Bang Bang say ama hit it like a gunshot,
nahhh,nahh Bang Bang ,Bang Bang leme hit dat [yeah]
Bang Bang, Bang Bang ama hit it like’a gunshot naaaahhhhh,


Comon baby gurl u know,

u know i luv it when u gime on d low,

i know u luv it when i flip with ma flow,

pullup gurl and bend down to d floor like

leme take u on a journeyyyyy,

somewhere u gon spend all ma moneyyyyy,

stop lookx at me gurl like am funnyyyyy,

when am done gurl u gon call me honeyyyyyy,

tonyt we gon be going for rounds like Mayweather,

Bang Bang Bang ama hit u like a bad weather,

come real close gurl we gotta keep it together,

promise u ain’t gon be telling ur mama,

nahhh nahhh, pretty face fine *ss like MADONNA,
better make dat booty work like RIHANNA,
i luv it when u look blonde like ROSE AMBER,
so come real close gurl keep it on a hush,
u ain’t gotta blush,
we ain’t gotta rush,
feet to d pedal leme treat u like ma clush,


Holdup…. and den u bring d beat back,
leme kill it leave it were d riff at,
sprinkle a lil water to ma weed sack,
i f**k dis b**ch and den i choke her in the neck like…..[nohhh nohhh]

she says am nastyyyyy,
monty u nastyyyyyy,
but am feeling classy,
i tell her go check d tally,
d numbers dont lie gurl tell the story….yeah yeah….

and now we dancing,
booty on d low she keeps it bouncing,
i’ont play ama keep on pounding,
i tell d dj man keep ma melody playingggg,

and next she tells me she dont kiss and tell,
am like lets take dis party to a hotel,
tonyt is gon be like we took a trip to hell,
but be4 we go let the dj break the spell,…..[now]



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