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mel b akwen

Dear CB readers, it’s the 3rd edition of “Have A Chat” – HAC, and Our Afro Pop Queen Mel B Akwen made out time out of her usual busy schedule to make the program a success. Our Girl Julette Takov traveled all the way from Limbe to meet with MBA in Buea, she put the chat in black and white as below: Also read: Candid talk with Frank Sire, I am cool with Jeffery and think Agbor Gilbert is a rascal I met with the beautiful, talented, humble and sweet Mel B Akwen(MBA). someone I have known since our secondary school…

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Candid talk with Frank Sire, I am cool with Jeffery and think Agbor Gilbert is a rascal

Frank sire and Julette Takov

Candid talk with Frank Sire, I am cool with Jeffery and think Agbor Gilbert is a rascal Frank Sire on the Second edition of HAC : Click here to read the first edition with Agbor Gilbert   Our host of the HAVE A CHAT (HAC) programme recently met with the sexy, handsome, talented actor, writer, producer and famous Cameroonian celeb, Frank Sire, the man behind SIRENATION. We chatted about his career as an actor which he said he’s been acting full time for 3 years but has been writing for a very long time. Writing is actually one of my…

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Best African Rapper: The HardCore From Cameroon

Best African Rappers

Meet Young Holiday a Hardcore and Promising African Rapper When a new baller climbs to the stage, the echoes and reverberations get louder. The interesting part is when the said baller isn’t afraid to spit lyrics that beat bars on every octave scale you can think of. This baller got an eye for GOLD, he’s Vanilla City’s protegee and an MCMG torch bearer. Give or take; What I’ve become and Freedom can only come from a pure talent. No faking, no hating… he’s Young Holiday, an upcoming African Rapper. Rising African Rapper, Young Holiday spits fire like no other rapper…

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2 Baba Holy Holy – Lyrics and Video

2BABA – HOLY HOLY LYRICS Intro: Yeah Holy holy, holy holy Holy holy Holy holy, holy Chorus: As you dey for there dey claim you holy so I hope you holy pass Elijah sha Hope you holy pass a prophet sha And as you dey for there dey form oga na so I hope you get all your credential sha I hope you (?) Verse 1: As you see me so I no dey bother nobody But sometimes they misunderstand me And I, keep it simple I don’t really care watin anybody yarn about me I just like to keep…

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Lyrics and Video – “Forever” Eazzy Feat Mr Eazi

eazzy forever lyrics

Eazzy forever lyrics and Video Feat Mr Eazi eazzy forever lyrics   I dey kai, I dey kai First time oo I see your face I dey kai, I dey kai First time oo you come my place I dey kai, I dey kai The time wey you gimme your number The way my eye e get I dey kai, I dey kai First time oo you come my place I dey kai, I dey kai First time wey we chop the kiss I dey kai, I dey kai The First wey u gimme your number The way my eye…

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Lyrics and Video of Davido’s “Fall”

Lyrics Davido Fall

Lyrics  and Video of  Davido latest song  “Fall”, enjoy peeps! Lyrics Davido Fall     Eyea! Money fall on you Banana fall on you Prada fall on you cus’ I’m in love with you Money fall on you Banana fall on you paparazzi follow you cus’ I’m in love with you Are you done talking? tell me baby, are you done talking yeah? are you done talking? tell me baby, are you done talking yeah? I don’t wanna be a player no more I don’t wanna be a player no more cus’ my guys call me Cristiano Mr Ronaldo Omo…

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Lyrics of Bang Bang By Sein Monty

Afro beat

Mr Mccoy an Afro Beats producer presents Sein Monty an afro-pop club banger hit maker afro beats:  “BangBang” is a lyrical love story between a dude and a sumptuous damsel. He uses the word Bang to figuratively express how “head over heels”,  he is in love with the Lady! And in his own way, narrates their romantic experiences in a club while the  DJ was playing his song. Produced by the wild-ass producer; Mr Mccoy and presented by Sein Monty. Is this duo the next Salatiel and Mr. Leo of the industry? Both Artist and producer happens to be Johnny…

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sarkodie painkiller lyrics

sarkodie painkiller lyrics

sarkodie painkiller lyrics sarkodie painkiller lyrics and Video: Sakordie Feat Runtown “Pain Killer” What else Your body go kill me, now! Obidiponbidi Runtown Now! yeah Chale your body go kill me What else Da b3n na wo b3ba? Baby, mad for your body oo (obidiponbidi) Craze for your body oo Sing for your body oo Baby, mad for your body oo (obidiponbidi) Craze for your body eeh eh Anything for your body oo Girl I wanna take you personal Fight for your matter like a wrestler Dey for your body like a pain killer Baby your body na sinsima Obaasima,…

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Afro Pop Diva, Mel B Akwen in “Blessings” Feat Makossa King Longue Longue

Video and Lyrics of “Blessing” by Mel B Akwen Feat Longue Longue. The spotlight is where everyone who is anyone wants to be identified with.  When everyone hustles for the top spot, only a few get to maintain it. Among the very few, Mel B is a force to be reckoned with. She is an Afro Pop diva from Cameroon with a penchant for gold. She’s hard working, talented and never gives up on any quest. This Afro-pop star is a blessing to her Cameroonian fans and we think it’s about time Africa and the rest of the world get…

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5 Outstanding Cameroonian Female Models

top African Models

5 OUTSTANDING AFRICAN MODELS WHO ARE FROM CAMEROON Cameroon is Africa in miniature. The beauty of Cameroonian attests to that! Some of these elegant looking damsels have chosen a lifelong modeling career and represent as top African Models: they come in all shapes and sizes well equipped and endowed for all kinds of roles in the modeling industry. In Cameroon, you will find the Straight Body Type, Pear Body Type, Spoon Body Type, Hourglass Body Type, Top Hourglass Body Type, Inverted Triangle Body Type, Oval Body Type, and Diamond Body Type. The Cameroonian damsels are engaged in Commercials, Fashion, Editorial, Catwalk/Runway, Print,…

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Ko-C – I love you (feat Locko) Official video

african fastest rapper

African fastest rapper KO-C in “I Love You” Feat Locko. KO-C is one of African fastest rapper from Cameroon and fans often call him Sarkodie of Cameroonian rap scene. We see heading to the top of the continent Africa. In this new piece, he didn’t fail to deliver as usual! “I love you” is the first single of Cameroon fastest rapper Ko-c after his recent signature under Big dreams entertainment. An afrobeat song with great vocals of his labelmate Locko . They did it with love and for love . Ko-c and Locko just proved they mean business about taking…

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Nicki Minaj on it again, three songs on the same day

nicki minaj new song

Nicki Minaj New Song On the 10th of May, the Internet wokeup to new music from Nicki Minaj. And not just one song, but three new songs. Yep, you read that right. Nicki’s first song, “No Frauds,” features a collaboration with Drake and Lil Wayne, and can easily be read as a response to all the ~drama~ with Remy Ma. In case you missed it (but how could you), Remy released a seven-minute diss track a few weeks ago, taking several jabs at Nicki. And even though Remy later said that she wasn’t “particularly proud” of the feud, as she doesn’t…

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A must: How To Boost Youtube Views

youtube views

8 TIPS TO INCREASE YOUR YOUTUBE VIEWS OVERNIGHT Youtube is a goldmine, but unfortunately 99% of Cameroonian Artists, PRs, Reality talk show hosts do not know how to mine out of Youtube judging from the very low YouTube Views they register.  We have artists like Mr. Leo, Locko, Franko, Tenor, Reniss,  and Maahlox Le Vibeur who have actually hit the milestone of 1 million views and above. An artist like Stanley, even though popular worldwide, his breakthrough “Hein pere” needed 3 years to hit a million views and his recent Videos struggle to hit 100k views. Why is this so?…

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20 Nigerian Celebrities Trailed By Gay/Lesbian Rumours

flavour nabania gay Nigerian Gay

Nigerian Gay Celebrities 20 Nigerian gay celebrities For years now, these celebrities have battled so much to refute the gay rumours that have seriously been trailing them. Despite their efforts, the rumours keep escalating. The media and blogs are filled with gay rumours about these celebrities.  We stumbled on this list on Nairaland. Made some adjustments and added some new pictures, but all credit all this post goes to Nairaland Forums where the original post was found. 1 DENRELE EDUN Denrele is the one that is worst hit by this gay rumour. His weird lifestyle may have necessitated this rumour.He once…

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P-Square – Nobody Ugly Video and Lyrics

p square lyrics

P Square Lyrics and Video for Nobody Ugly P Square Lyrics [Intro] Eh, no no no no eh Nobody ugly oh [Chorus] Ima ni malum ma eh Ima lum ma (nobody ugly oh) O kwe nguna talin madu baby O gwo nu God eh Ima ni malum ma eh Ima lum ma (nobody ugly eh) O kwe nguna talin madu baby O gwo nu God eeh [Verse 1] If you dey use your time for instagram (Amaka) You fine or you no fine (Adiamacha) But for reality I see you girl you baddam Na who you dey decieve eeh Gi…

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20 Cameroonian Musicians You Sure Know

Top 20 Cameroonian Artists

Top African Music Artists from Cameroon African Music Artists making waves across the continent:. Nigerian music, movies, comedy just about anything with the tag “Naija” has dominated and still dominating in the continent Africa. From the clergies: T.B Joshua, Pastor Chris, Bishop David Oyedepo, to even the native doctors(babalawos) Nigerians are at the zenith of it all. Nigerian musicians like Psqaure, with an estimated net worth of  $128.0 million, can stand face to face Jay Z and other big names in Hollywood. If there’s on country in Africa that fits right as a square spec in the square hole dug in…

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Top 10 Davido’s “IF” Cover

Davido If top in Africa

Best Davido cover for “IF” “IF” is by far one of Davido’s greatest song ever, it came at a time many thought he had run out of inspiration! Davido proved with a finished product “IF”, that he has just begun. From the reactions of fans worldwide, one can conclude, “No one under the sound of “Davido’s IF” is left indifferent, all held spellbound the moment the waves of Techno’s beat made it their auditory canal and hit a vibrate frequency on their eardrums” . Many Video Covers, short films,  and comedies have been produced and can be found around the web, all proving that IF…

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AYISSI NGA Joseph-Marie Among Top Fashion Designers in Africa

AYISSI NGA Joseph-Marie

Top fashion Designers in Africa; African Fashion Designers African Fashion Designers African fashion designers are making their names and sitting tight on their thrones. Many have even gone beyond the continent, well recognised and good footed on the international stage. Among these Top African Fashion designers, is AYISSI NGA Joseph-Marie aka JJ DU STYLE, a young a dynamic Cameroonian designer from the French Speaking part of the Country. He is a trainee of “VANESSA RUIZ ” fashion school, Paris France. After graduating from the training school in France, Ayissi decided to specialize in the creation of Tuxedos. Created his first Tuxedo…

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Ndedi Asek; Master Of Cameroon’s Contemporary Art

Ndedi Asek one of African Painters and contemporary Artist

Ndedi Asek Among Great African Painters and Contemporary Artists. Africa is not only blessed with natural resources, but also with the rarest of human resources in great African Painters and contemporary artists. Africa is blessed with great contemporary minds whose mind-crafts are not only making waves within the continent, but across the Globe. If we are to do a list of top 10 African Contemporary Artists, the following big names must feature on the list: Cheri Samba (Democratic Republic of Congo, born 1956),  El Anatsui (Ghana, born 1944), Peju Alatise (Nigeria, born 1975), Aboudia Abdoulaye Diarrassouba (Ivory Coast, born 1983), William Joseph Kentridge…

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