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 6 Causes Of Emotional Distance In Relationships

Emotional distance is a real problem that exists not only in relationships but in marriages as well. Most times it starts gradually and keeps building till it reaches a certain height where it becomes too difficult to contain. When you hear things like “I don’t understand him/her anymore” or “it’s like we are in two different worlds” then it’s most likely an effect caused by emotional distance. Emotional distance is when a person gradually shuts his/her affection towards a partner, physically that person might still be in the relationship but mentally such a person has already been detached.   There…

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Social Media And Digital Infidelity

Hidden/ secret things are always fun yet dangerous.Such is the case with infidelity.Cheating is a conscious decision by an individual to deliberately have a sexual relationship with another individual who is not his or her partner. It is first a conscious thought, next a conscious decision, and a deliberate action to sleep with someone else other than their partner. Alot of people believe infidelity must involve physical actions but the most common form of infidelity in the 21st century is social media infidelity. Digital infidelity occurs when people use social media and other electronic communication to cross relationship/ marital boundaries.…

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Sawali le Parisien: Maestro of the Cameroon Fashion and Design Industry

 Outstanding Cameroonian fashion designer:  the CEO and founder of walk to Paris fashion. There are a lot of actors in the fashion and design industry in Cameroon but a few stand out in the crowd. Walk to Paris fashion is much respected for their master stroke designs and touch of class. The photos below give you just a peek into their finest and versatile collections. Who is Sawali le Parisien? Sawali le Parisien is a young Cameroonian fashion and design mavin from the Northwest region of Cameroon. He’s the CEO of walk to Paris Fashion house atNtarikon Bamenda. Get to…

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For the Ladies only: 7 types of men to avoid

Dear CB readers, it’s your girl La Fleur again with another exposition on relationships. My first article was about virtuous women vs Jezebelic Women! I wrote about 7 types of women men should avoid and most of You, our loyal readers, dropped reasonable comments asking us to make it balanced by writing about types of men women shouldn’t date or marry. We are always willing to give our readers just what they want and as such, I took out the time to write about 7 types of men women should avoid as well. In case you didn’t read my first…

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7 categories of women you should not Date or Marry

Yvonne Angwi

Virtuous Woman VS Jezebelic Woman It is a difficult task to find a wife, no wonder the bible says, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing”. A woman who has virtues that every man desires is a rare as gold from Ophir. There’s a pack of wolves posting as a flock of sheep making it even 10 times harder to distinguish the virtuous woman from the Jezebelic woman.   Some men have been emotionally broken, shredded into several pieces and left to rot by the women in their lives so much so that, they had no alternative, but…

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