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Best African Rapper: The HardCore From Cameroon

Best African Rappers

Young Holiday an Outstanding African Rapper

Meet Young Holiday a Hardcore and Promising African Rapper

When a new baller climbs to the stage, the echoes and reverberations get louder. The interesting part is when the said baller isn’t afraid to spit lyrics that beat bars on every octave scale you can think of.
This baller got an eye for GOLD, he’s Vanilla City’s protegee and an MCMG torch bearer. Give or take; What I’ve become and Freedom can only come from a pure talent. No faking, no hating… he’s Young Holiday, an upcoming African Rapper.

Rising African Rapper, Young Holiday spits fire like no other rapper from his country of origin. Young Holiday is from the North West Region of Cameroon. In Cameroon we have rappers like Stanley Enow and Jovi who have occupied the top position comfortably for over half a decade and that’s because of lack of competition from other rappers. Until the emergence of Young Holiday, none have been able to pose a serious threat to their respective thrones. Young holiday got no competition within Cameroon: His lyrics are outta earth, they seem to be coming from Mars, his flow is unique. On any day and on any beat he will beat top African rappers like Sarkodie , Olamide, Ice Prince, AKA among others.

Top 10 African Rappers This uprising African Rapper made a strong statement with the release of the single Freedom.

What I’ve Become:

Young Holiday is on the rise and there’s absolutely nothing to stand in his way as he embarks on this quest to become a top African Rapper. In his latest song, ” What I’ve become”, he expressed himself in a 24 bar lyrics and proved beyond doubt he’s on his way up to the top position meant for Top African Rappers. His Punchlines are beyond comprehension and believe you me, in no time, the heat will be too much for competition. “What I’ve become” is a rap masterpiece composed and performed by Young Holiday and Benny Clancy. Its a heart melting, mind blowing and emotion appealing piece embedded with outstanding rap skills. Produced,arranged,mixed and mastered by RalfBeatz and its reaching out to touch your soul. Watch the Video below and follow along with the lyrics:

Intro Young on this one men I just di laf

Verse 1 by young holiday

I hate what I’ve become All these girls, drugs, drinking and stuffs Am sinning every second in ma deeds and ma thoughts, Am everything I wish my son never becomes (lord) I hate what I’ve become I thought I had to change to be happy,

I thought I had to chase the crowd or be lonely,

I looked up to friends who were far below me (lord) Why a write di song anyway Gave up the best, busy chasing better days, I saw a blessing as a curse so I changed name, Create me a profile impossible to maintain. Mama told me never wish to be somebody else Mama told me never be a fool for those girls Then she said trust God believe in yourself Three words I cant forget, always be yourself Complicated, gave up when I had to hold on I’ve never understood the real reason I had to fear God Made the wrong decisions when the right ones were easier Chased the wrong goals hoping I will fuck Brenda Biya Beating myself so I can drink from ma own tears Run go buy skateboard forgot I had to climb stairs Scared to face the truth cause I was scared to face my own fears Lost a lot of calories chasing these girls I hate what I’ve become I’ve betrayed the goodness that I was raised in A pain in the neck they compare me to whiskey Am just like the moon, with four more faces How ma dad gone say he’s proud of a son, like me, who has nothing to show for Running back and forth, banging my head on closed doors And not long from now I will be 24 How did I become this selfish? lazy, stupid and abusive I was a kid who had dreams, cooking in my thoughts Guess I was too hot headed, they gat burnt Look at what I’ve become A laughing stock amongst laughing stocks, I stand out Its hard to keep my mouth shot, judging from the size I cant reach up to the expectations I’ve put on these grounds

Verse 2 by Benny clancy

What have I become I didn’t mean it like this What excuse will I give my son if he should see me like this Back in the day I never dream of even living like this I used to fight this no body knows am even like this I smoke weed, I broke free of being chained in safety Provoke me with your advice I prefer that u hate me Believe me , dont believe in me, there is nobody deceiving me For every good I count my self lucky to infinity MAma used to tell me not to hang around with Bad friends Now their mamas tell them not to hang around me I qoute my conscience in past tense, spit trashes In ascent Ma content disrupt, that is very bad of me I really hate what I’ve become men I’ve grown in to a crook I used to sing gospel yeah now am flowing like brew Spread the wrong message rightly so u misinterpreted That am strongly tight to urges that urge between my feets Men am a mess, and that is all because of me Something changed and something is what have become of me (wolf) I really hate myself

Last verse by young holiday

I thought I’ll be young for ever I thought I was getting better I thought I’ll be me forever I thought I was getting better I wish I had more time on earth I blame God for what I’ve become, but maybe I should blame myself For he gave me everything and I just messed up Peace And to any body out here listening right now We just confessing sins


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