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Meet the King Of Cameroon Movie Industry: AGE

cameroon movie industry

The Cameroon Movie Industry is surviving on the resources and efforts of selfless and passionate individuals;

Says AGE.

Respect and honour is a measure word for the well deserving. For this edition of HAC, MCMG came face-to-face with the CEO of CAMIFF in the person of AGE.
As expected, it was nothing short of a monumental insight into the mind of Cameroon’s finest. The Cameroon Movie Industry: pure gold handled by the wrong blacksmiths.

Cameroon Movie Industry

Who is Agbor Gilbert Ebot (AGE)?

Agbor Gilbert Ebot AKA AGE is a leading and popular actor, producer and most especially CEO of Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) He is a talented as well as a very passionate individual. Team MCMG met up with him yesterday for a one-to-one interview to hear his take on the Cameroon Movie Industry.

Quoting AGE,

The Cameroon movie industry is surviving.

When pressed on the why he used the word “surviving”, he clarified that;

The Cameroon movie industry is surviving on the resources and energy of passionate individuals.

In his own words, he further added that,

There are no structures to promote the industry, no cinemas to showcase the produced movies, no TV channels to buy the products.

Cameroon Movie Industry

When asked what he wished would have been different in the starting days of the Cameroon movie industry; since he is one of the longest serving member of the industry, he replied with great dissatisfaction that;

I wished the cable lines were shut down because they represent the highest set back to home movies.

It is no doubt and not strange to us that the Cameroon movie needs a market. We have good stories, we have good producers, we have wonderful actors and actresses as well as qualified directors and editors. This goes to showcase the difficulties experience in the music industry as well. Definitely, we need to learn to consume our products. We are the first marketers and consumers of home produce and if we don’t believe in our industry no one else will. It is without doubt that an average Cameroonian doesn’t know two movie titles talk more of watching two home movies.

When asked about CAMIFF and what he wished was different, AGE passionately gave a few wishes in vision for the next CAMIFF.

In his words;

I wish I had enough money, I wish there was enough media coverage, I wish there were enough resources to give good workshops, and I wish I was able to invite all actors and actresses in a special way because they deserve to be honoured.

Forcing his thoughts towards the Frank Sire and Epule Jeffrey fight, AGE was very futuristic, and in a fatherly approach called Frank’s attention as follows;

I wish Frank as an upcoming and new actor could learn to give respect.  He needs to drop his arrogance because it is overcrowding his talent. If I were him I would go to those in the industry that I have hurt and apologize.

Team MCMG do appreciate AGE for his time set aside to chat with us and most especially for his relentless efforts towards the Cameroon movie industry. Long live CAMIFF, long live the Cameroon movie industry.

Cameroon Movie Industry

Cameroon Movie Industry

This interview was conducted By Ms. Julette Takov; Chief of Marketing & Sales at MCMG.


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