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Candid talk with Frank Sire, I am cool with Jeffery and think Agbor Gilbert is a rascal

Frank sire and Julette Takov

Candid talk with Frank Sire, I am cool with Jeffery and think Agbor Gilbert is a rascal

Frank Sire on the Second edition of HAC : Click here to read the first edition with Agbor Gilbert


Our host of the HAVE A CHAT (HAC) programme recently met with the sexy, handsome, talented actor, writer, producer and famous Cameroonian celeb, Frank Sire, the man behind SIRENATION. We chatted about his career as Julette Takov of MCMGan actor which he said he’s been acting full time for 3 years but has been writing for a very long time.

Writing is actually one of my talents, I have been writing for so long says Frank.

He has so far produced two amazing movies, “Chasing tails” and “Before you say I do”.

When asked of what he’s been up to these days Frank said he’s mostly indoors writing a series he’s been paid to write and preparing for his next movie shoot which he categorically refused to name the movie or mention anything about the project.  He described himself as:

I am very ambitious, hard working, patient and a people pleaser

Hey did I mention that he is also very very very single? Well but he’s got a crush on someone and he will rather leave it at crushing and friendship, so ladies rush over there hahahahahaha.

This Chat session  would have been incomplete without talking about the famous Facebook fight with Epule Jeffrey. Frank certainly had a lot to say.  Here are his words:

frank sire

If you ask Jeff he will tell you I have a lot of respect for him and what he does. I have never sabotaged him. Our colleagues in the industry misquoted what I said and I picked on JEFF because he knows how I feel about him. He really disappointed me but I hold no grudge or hard feelings. I respect him a lot and think Jeff has to respect me too. He doesn’t have to come to the public and declare his respect for me. At the end of the day it’s all love and respect I have for him and I think he knows that.

He said he hasn’t spoken to Jeff but from mutual friends he knows Jeff has no hard feelings towards him.

To be in the entertainment industry you have to be ready to take criticism from people but I am grateful to my family, friends and fans who believe in me

Says Frank

When two kids fight a “leader” (father) doesn’t take sides, he sits them down listen to the problem and give advice. So I lost a lot of respect for some of these leaders.

We asked him about his take on Agbor Gilbert asking him to apologise to those he hurt and he said.

 I respect Gilbert for his work in the industry but on a personal level I think he’s a Rascal, he always want to involve himself in fights. It’s a shame he quickly jumped into the wagon of taking sides in this misunderstanding. I owe no one any apologies.

Frank advices those people ready to invest in the movie industry to do so now as the industry is about to explode and Julette Takov and Frank Sire

this is the best time  to invest. He tells young and upcoming actors and actresses to stay true to themselves and to never give up on what they believe in and together we will make it and put the industry on the map.

















Dear CB Readers, Thanks for reading and do anticipate the third edition of HAC! Don’t forget to have your say in the comment box below, right after our related posts.

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Frank Sire   Frank Sire   Frank  Sire  Frank  Sire  Frank  Sire  Frank Sire  Frank Sire Frank Sire.


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8 Thoughts to “Candid talk with Frank Sire, I am cool with Jeffery and think Agbor Gilbert is a rascal”

  1. Solang

    Hac sounds so perfect, Julette Girl keep up we are behind you all the way… You guys look good together…feels good reading and knowing Frank’s take on the whole issue. Why would people even take sides and got everyone bashing on Frank. Frank We love you

  2. Lion King

    Wait, wait, wait, did I just get Frank ryt? He called Gilbert a RASCAL…hahahaha, this is serious…
    anyway goodluck to their hustle.
    Thanks CB for the insight. Keepup the good job.

    1. Thatz what makes the industry interesting. feel free to browse through the other posts. thanks for your stop

  3. Anonymous

    Hahhaha.. all of these actors sef..they take acting and mix it with personal lives.. now he is single when he just had twins.. what’s my own ???

  4. Anonymous

    Hope to hear from grand Jeffery soon..but please u guys should hold a dictionary the day you interview him..bc I trust Papa K with grammarian..all of them are work in progress..bring home the movies..

  5. Bella S.A

    Awww so sweet been waiting for this… lol I can’t believe he called Gilbert a rascal I literally bust out laughing when I read that.. anyway it’s the industry things as such are expected. Thanks Jullete for the insight waiting for the next episode.

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