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5 reasons why Celebrities prefer to inter date/marry among their social class

Reasoning faculties

I. Reasoning faculties

As we human beings experience change, so does our reasoning faculties!

The way I reason as a Celebrity is quite different from the way I used to reason before I became a star: in my new world, there are new realities, new bounds, new laws all together—the way I see things at my fame level, is definitely different from the way a non Celeb sees them—so I will only date or marry someone we can share thoughts.

That’s the response I got from a celebrity I interviewed!

I learnt from her reply that celebrities do actually think and reason differently from non celebrities and due to this shift and difference in thought, most celebrities can’t see themselves dating someone who lacks their kind of reasoning faculty.

For example some smoke weed for courage while doing what they do and they love it while others will strictly ridicule such habits causing conflicts so they will prefer their types.



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