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The Mindset of a Materialistic and Realistic “Diva”

“Brainless” Diva Doesn’t Comprehend the Magnitude of  Unwarranted Assertion.

Daphne is Far from Being Romantic

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The Kamer Diva is a talent no doubt, but when it comes to brains or making use of one in public she is a charade. The “diva” recently had an interview with team237mag. She didn’t only reveal the qualities of her ideal man, she revealed a cross section of her mindset and personality; the real Daphne—not the loving and romantic Daphne in Calee. Before I delve further into revealing her personality and mindset based on her choice of words during the interview, we will like to define these three types of women: Materialistic, Romantic and Realistic.

To all my ladies and wannabe diva(s), which are you? If you don’t know the difference, don’t worry we got you!

  1. Materialistic Woman: Guys, if you aren’t well loaded, do not go for a materialistic woman! A materialistic woman is simply all about the human hair, the bling, the latest and trending fashion and designer wears. She needs to change her eyelashes, synthetic nails on a weekly basis, she never repeats a dress to a date—you got to buy her a new dress per dating session—in fact, she’s all about the materials which is the complicated name or word for money. There’s little or no difference between a prostitute and a materialistic woman. They always dream of finding super rich, but stupid men, they do not care if the guy is married, single, a teen, old—I mean really old—they also don’t care if the guy got six packs, a cute face, all they care about is the size of his wallet and his spending power. Fellas, avoid Materialistic women, unless it’s a give and take relationship, never take her seriously as she will quickly jump into the embrace of the next big Mugu money spender. : 👿

  2. Romantic Woman: The best kind of woman out there! For a romantic woman, it’s all about her prince charming, she’s parallel to a materialistic woman. Romantic women care more about the personality of their princes and not their wallets. Very simple things take them to the moon and bring them back to earth. All you need to do to win a romantic woman over is: drop love notes in the kitchen, bathroom, under her pillow etc…, Pluck some natural roses for her, treat her to a candle light dinner, take her out on a simple date and don’t spend all you got to impress her because if she wasn’t already impressed, she wouldn’t be with you in the first place. When you find this kind of woman, my brother hollam tight, she’s gold! The only problem with Romantic women is that unromantic men will find them boring, abuse them and leave them heartbroken. These type of women are all about love—they are always by their guys when things are tough: no decent house to live in, no food, they sometimes steal from their parents to make their guys happy. The ones that are rich enough do not mind ending up with a poor man in as much as he touches her heart. These are the type of women who always say “love is blind”, “love makes you stupid”. When a romantic woman meets a romantic guy, the combination is a bomb, ’cause none takes the other for granted. Thank goodness after having passed through the hands of materialistic and realistic women, I now have my Romantic Woman. 😆 

  3. Realistic Woman: A realistic woman is neither a Romantic woman nor a materialistic woman, she never agrees with her friends who are romantic and materialistic. A realistic woman knows money can’t buy her happiness and at the same time, she has at the back of her mind that love can’t put food on the table—she’s always in for a balance—you must be at the same level with her, not more than her and not below her. If she pays the bills this month, she expects her guy to be able to pay the bills for the subsequent month. You take a realistic woman out for a date and you pay for the food, she will definitely pay for the drinks and vice versa. A realistic woman will never date a mugu money spender like a materialistic woman, not even for a second, but they can tolerate romantic and loving guy in as much as he is hard working and smart, but unlike Romantic women who get stuck irrespective of the guys status, a realistic woman will leave him the moment she finds out he is doing nothing to change the status quo. The problem with realistic women is that: they are of double standards, the moment the guy makes more money, more fame and popularity, they start feeling inferior and because they are for an equilibrium, they call they relationship quit at such points.

Some materialistic women do change after some point in their lives when they meet with guys that can format their mindsets and install a brand new program known as “Love”.

We have established the difference between these 3 types of women, now let’s get to Daphne’s interview, using her own words to decipher her real personality and mindset. She’s the 4th type of woman and the worst type; for any man! Below is an excerpt of her interview with Team235mag, key points are highlighted in red:
 “Well from my encounter, I know Cameroonian guys are really smart and cute in their own way but the bad thing I hate about Cameroonian guys is that they are very unromantic.”

For the must have qualities, her dream man should possess the following;

1) He must be super smart.
2) He must be very ambitious, though I like the money part but to me the money comes with your level of ambition and intelligence as well as smartness. So you could actually start from nothing to something. I don’t want starters (giggles.)
3) He has to be God fearing.
4) He has to be very romantic.
5) He has to be well spoken, like that’s what I love the most. A guy with good diction.

Adding that he should have a dark skin tone, Daphne is yet to meet that guy who possesses all the above qualities.
So is there any 237 celebrity that can steal her heart and make her “calee”?

Most 237 artists are really good looking though I’m not sure if whether or not they possess the 5 qualities I talked about considering I haven’t gotten that close with them. But for Numerica (laughs) he is dark, not really my major 5 though but he used to be

Says Daphne.

Don’t go thinking that is her celebrity crush just yet, although there have been rumors about the diva and him, she denies ever being romantically involved with Numerica. Rather, the ‘Calee’ diva revealed she used to have a huge crush on singer Ambe back when he dropped his single ‘stole my heart away’ while she was in lower sixths, way before she imagined they would meet and even do a music collabo together.

A woman who is both Materialistic and Realistic, uses men as bridges laid right in front of her to cross to the other side. How many Cameroonian men could Daphne have met to make such generalised statement? She doesn’t want starters, which implies despite a guy’s ambition and focus, Daphne being partly a Realistic woman will never date him. She said, “Though I like the money part“—she loves money and this explains why she’s partly Materialistic.

why did I say women who are partly Realistic and partly Materialistic are the worst type of women to date? Daphne had a huge crush on Ambe when she could not fathom being a star, now she’s a star even bigger than Ambe, but she will never date him eventhough Ambe can be a better friend. Numerica is dark and used to meet her top 5 qualities she expects from her ideal man, but right now he does not!!! 👿  Qualities don’t change, but our realistic and materialistic Daphne easily sets new priorities and objectives for herself and perhaps after the Collabo with Numerica—again, he was used as a bridge.

Salatiel is dark, super ambitious and meets almost all the qualities although I doubt if he is God fearing, hahaha 😆 .

Mr Salatiel Produced Calee thinking Daphnee would calee with him, but he’s wrong! With his wit and mastering of French Cameroun market, Calee is topping charts in Africa, obviously, it will open and pave new ways for Daphne—again a realistic and materialistic woman who will pull the bridge once she crosses to the other side.

Maybe Daphne will like to tell us how unromantic Heissend Achu was; the guy with whom she walked from UB junction into the studio, the guy who stood by her when she wasn’t a star. The dark guy, ambitious Heissend who got good diction and also God fearing. Heissend was with Daphne all through and even featured in a few of her work including “Rastafari”, but was subsided along the way when Miss Realistic and Materialistic shoulders’ grew bigger than his.


A diva is a female version of a hustler. Talent is a stepping stone and to achieve success, every diva must understand the rules of the game. My guess is that our diva understood this principle along the line of duty and decided to set high standards for herself in a bit to kickout all the low class dudes who have been there for her.

If such generalization is to be made about how unromantic almost 10 Million men are in Cameroon, then imagine how much she has fucked her way through the crowd in order to put forth such a statistical fallacy. Except otherwise stated; maybe her educational background is half-baked or she’s just ‘brainless’ not to comprehend the magnitude of her unwarranted assertion. In any case, she did same things to get certificates as well.

Daphne is a talented Artist, but as a materialistic woman, she has fucked her way into fame—as a realistic woman she will not date guys who are below her. Her Journey continues! Let’s watch and see!

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3 Thoughts to “The Mindset of a Materialistic and Realistic “Diva””

  1. A.G.

    This is nonsense! The article says she ‘fucked her way” first of all, u could use a more mature choice of words, second, throughout ur article there’s no moment when u give an instance she slept with or is rumoured to have slept with anyone in d industry in a calculated manner. She is a lady n has d right to date who she wants, artist or not. While u hold no rumour of the foregoing, ur article title is full of promis but utterly empty in content. Such a disappointment. Ur clearly trollx here! And finally, i understand u r tryx to captivate an audience for ur new blog but your demarche is woefully base and shameful. Get a life!

    1. Man it all depends on what you call content, and not everyone was given the understanding faculty at birth.

    2. Thanks for reading though! The title of the article is ”
      The Mindset of a Materialistic and Realistic “Diva” and the article delivered everything that was promised except that you were expecting us to be very explicit. We write to wise people and not dummies!!

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