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For the Ladies only: 7 types of men to avoid

Dear CB readers, it’s your girl La Fleur again with another exposition on relationships. My first article was about virtuous women vs Jezebelic Women! I wrote about 7 types of women men should avoid and most of You, our loyal readers, dropped reasonable comments asking us to make it balanced by writing about types of men women shouldn’t date or marry.

We are always willing to give our readers just what they want and as such, I took out the time to write about 7 types of men women should avoid as well. In case you didn’t read my first post, kindly click below to have your feel of it before reading this current article.

7 categories of women you should not Date or Marry

As women grow older, they tend to prefer a healthy and serious relationship over just having “fun”.  There are several stages to marriage and it all starts with: Dating to Courtship, Engagement and then Marriage. Courtship always precedes Engagement and marriage. Dating for me is all about fun, but I always prevent my dating experiences with the type of men listed below from getting into courtship, talk-less of engagement and marriage.

Imagine how beautiful love life could be if women could know the differences between Dating, courstship, engagement and marriage—enjoying each stage with just their dream man —unfortunately, we all can’t agree to the rule of thumb because sometimes it’s easier said than done (yes sometimes the heart is weak). Women miss the warning signs or sometimes just choose to ignore it and end up with a broken heart.

No matter what you’ve been through, how old you are, how desperate you feel or how long you have been looking for a life partner, do yourself a favour and avoid these types of guys like a plague!!!


One moment you are his princess, his one and only and the next moment he’s confused and uncommitted. Don’t think this is a phase, it is a glimpse of what you will go through for the rest of your life. A woman deserves an emotionally stable man—a man who doesn’t run out of love like when the spider man spun his last web. If u don’t know where you stand with a man, don’t put the weight of your love and commitment on his web—it will not hold!!


Yes no woman deserves a man who doesn’t have a penny to his name (oh please men should stop using that to emotionally blackmail women) It is not always about money but a little does help. Unless you want to be paying for everything, kindly avoid the guy who always seem to have forgotten his wallet.


some guys never come out from behind their mother’s skirt. Don’t get too pulled into a relationship/marriage with a man whose mother is always at the center of the scene. It won’t be long before she starts being the decision maker in your home. This type of man will always put his mother first. So, unless you are ready to live with it, don’t get involved because fighting his relationship with his mother is fighting a lost battle.


Truth be told, love at first sight is a thing for the weak, it is  so rare and happens only in the movies. If a guy is quick to say, “I love you” and tells you he will be your captain America, there is a great possibility that those words mean nothing to him—and believe me if you may, he must have said those exact words to a thousand and one other women he just started dating!

As quickly as such men fall in love, likewise do they fall out of love!




This kind of man, will have you taking care of him and you will tend to like it because it makes you feel important, but what you don’t realise is that, a man should be able to wake up from bed—quit playing video games, turn off the television—go out , hustle and pay his bills. You deserve a life partner not someone who is looking for a parent.


With the numerous STDs flying around, you cannot sit back and tolerate a pervert under the assertion that the ratio of women to men is high. You won’t be uttering these same words when his promiscuity is rewarded with STDs. You deserve a man who will not only protect your heart but your health as well. Don’t let a man expose you to the dangers of promiscuity. A good man won’t find it hard to realise one woman who is down for him is better than 1000 selfish and materialistic women.


Most women feel loved when a man desires to know their every move, but be careful when it becomes abusive. A man who seeks to control every aspect of your life: who you talked to, what you discuss with friends/family, who recently added or followed you on your social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..). This kind of man will choke you and suck life and happiness out of you. Trust is one of the foundation every firm relationship should be built on!! If he doesn’t trust you enough to give you Space,  get on your mark, get set, and race (run).

Nevertheless every women should realise there is no perfect man. Seek to be with the man whose excesses you can take and can live with them for the rest of your life. Always remember this:

If you can find 5 things to appreciate in a man, then learn to live and curb his imperfections, but if you only get to tolerate him, it’s a sure sign he is not a man to linger with.

You can’t change a man unless he is in diapers, but a real man can certainly change on his own to suit the woman he loves, you don’t have to stress about changing him.

Above all, remember patience and tolerance is a virtue every woman should posses, don’t just quit on him easily, date him some more for the fun of it and if he can’t change on his own, no need taking the relationship to the next levels (Courtship-Engagement-marriage)

Thanks for spending your time reading, I really do appreciate it and I wish you all good luck as you seek to find the man of your dreams. Use the comment box below as usual to drop your opinions and let me also learn from you.

Once again, Thanks

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3 Thoughts to “For the Ladies only: 7 types of men to avoid”

  1. Giddy

    It’s scary that you were in a haste to cast the broke guy in the no go category while forgething to type-cast the criminal and the violent types. This hurts the seriousness of your categorisation as such.

    Then coming again to the broke dude, you didn’t mention broke women in your earlier and previous outing as negative. With all the 8th March doctrine and fanfare, why do you keep on pushing and cautioning this fragility of women’s dependence instead of independence? The man and most all be able to move their purse strings.

  2. Mr Cortez

    I see that flame in you for sure ……You shall go passes it takes a step lady …..keep riding …

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