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Delly Singah Phillips; The Match Maker

For many, marriage is the ultimate goal of a serious relationship, but finding the time to meet that special someone that you may spend the rest of your life with can be a difficult task. Many people find it hard to separate themselves from their busy work life and find time to meet other bachelors/spinsters. Matchmaking therefore becomes an imperative tool  to help them find their soulmates and make the process of meeting someone new less difficult.

Delly Singah Phillips

Matching Making is quite strange to most Cameroonians, but recently, some matchmakers are becoming the best social and human resources in helping people find their soulmates! Example of such outstanding and committed personalities is  the UK based Cameroonian Facebook pager, media personality and philanthropist in the person of  Delly Singah Phillips —a prominent match maker with a Facebook Platform dedicated to match up eligible bachelors and spinsters.

Out of her sheer selflessness and the reliability of her matchmaking platform, Nginyu Umenjo and Julette Takov happily tied the knots and waved a final goodbye to singleness and welcomed the new life of happily ever after.    

Match making is the new trend most especially in our ever evolving world! Before you roll your eyes and judge me for making such assertion, you should know that based on research and statistics, work and other commitment make it impossible for most people to mingle thereby making it hard for them to find their soul mates! That’s where a dedicated match maker comes in; she/he studies potential partners and after compatibility is done, sets the ball rolling in the sacred field of marriage. 

“There’s a whole lot of fish in the sea”  No joke about it, some of the fishes are horrible.

like anything that’s on the Internet these days, there are some inherent problems with using the good look book as a dating database to consider a partner,  likewise wealth and financial status! We hope every match maker out there take this into proper consideration before pairing people up.

The mechanics of matchmaking

Every matchmaking service caters to a certain demography and deals with different levels of relationship needs. Most of them do their own personal vetting of potential partners through questionnaires and in-person interviews. After getting to know more about the client, the matchmaker then browse through their database of members seeking partners and find ones that have similar needs, wants, goals and ideal soul mates.

Kudos to Delly Singah Philips for her role in bringing happiness in the lives of many and on this note, we of CB can only wish Mr. and Mrs. Umenjo a happy ever after.

Single and looking for a match up? Follow her on
Delly Singah foundation
Delly Singah Philip Productions Networks (Delly TV
Delly’s Matchups
The Delly Singah Show

The best hit track of the year 2018;

Mon Bébé by Carl Brizzy, I hope Mr. Nginyu Umenjo will be singing this song to Mrs Umenjo for the remainder of her life

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