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The Broken Link In Cameroon’s Entertainment Ecosystem

Entertainment Ecosystem

An Entertainment Ecosystem could be defined as the formation of a complex whole (The Industry), by the connection of several sectors (music, movies, comedy, blogging… etc).

A healthy entertainment ecosystem requires as a prerequisite, the ability of the sectors to function together as a unit.  The picture below is a rough illustration of the entertainment Ecosystem of Cameroon:

As illustrated above, every other stakeholder or sector gets paid, but the marketers (promoters and bloggers) and this constitute the broken link in the entertainment ecosystem which in the long run, will affect the growth of the unit ( industry).

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Now the question is:

“Why do artist hesitate to pay for blogger’s services but pay directors, producers and other stakeholders without hesitation?

A variety of networks are being used by artists to promote their arts! Among these networks, I remain a strong advocate for social media promo of which blogging happens to be at its core.  

It becomes imperative for artists to pay for blogging services (promotion and marketing mostly) as a complete package comes with a lot of benefits which will actually foster and increase the artist’s social media presence.

Bloggers will use strategic keyword phrases to sell the artist to the international market, tweet and retweet using hashtags that will create a high impression and reach to a high number of users, and most especially a feature of the artist page/website or even a main-site.

Though such advice may seem counter-intuitive as action shifts to the social network. Please consider why I make such a claim rather than to dismiss it outright.

To begin with:

  1. Blogs also offer a way to generate content and can distribute to multiple social media outlets with just a few clicks. For example, a blogger can post a headline and add the link of an artist track in the body and then uses a variety of tools to auto-publish the post to over 20 social media networks at a go. This is by far more effective than randomly sharing links on Facebook. Every wise artist ought to look for a blogger who knows what he/she does and make their blog the centre of their extended web presence.
  2. Also, bloggers can be used to centralize activity done elsewhere. So, as an artist, if you post a video on YouTube, or Photos on Instagram, bloggers can embed them on their blog or if you have a great exchange on Twitter, you can feature the tweet in a blog post.
  3. More so, bloggers use their blogs feed to power a variety of services from mobile websites, to email newsletters and to content syndication to other sites thereby reaching a variety of people and creating new fans for the artist in the process.  
  4. Bloggers who are good with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can get an artist ranked on big search Engines like google for strategic keyword phrases. Keyword Phrases that have high monthly search volumes even more than the artist’s name. We carefully chose the keyword phrase, “Afro Pop Queen” and ranked Mel B Akwen for it a few months ago and currently, she’s at the first page on google not for her name, but for a keyword Google users worldwide use to search for Afro Pop Musicians. She’s now found in cyberspace meant and reserved for the big names in Africa like Yemi Alade, Yvonne Shanneyz and reaching a broader spectrum of audiences because of a blogger’s work (SEO).
  5. Bloggers provide services such as direct fan sales through the sharing of sectors hyping. They control the online awareness through their advertisement. Blogging as a form of marketing is visible in that web pirates and folks who over-grade other people’s content are helping the artist do their jobs.


Despite all the advantages and the role the bloggers play some artist don’t deem it necessary to pay bloggers for their services for the following reasons:

  1. Some artists don’t like paying bloggers because most bloggers do lack writing skills, all they know how to do is copy and paste and can hardly develop a story-line to match the artist’s hustle. Their copy and pasted news from Press releases do not add any value to the artist’s project, do not give fans and audiences the incentive to comment and interact. In fact, there’s never any drastic bump in terms of plays on sound cloud and YouTube. This takes out all of the pride and self-esteem of the artist leaving him/her feeling exploited and dubbed. 
  2. Also, other artists actually post about themselves on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….etc and receive positive messages and results from fans. such artists never find reasons to pay bloggers for things they can do on their own. They are always satisfied with “comments and likes” on Facebook forgetting to know social media presence is far beyond Facebook and Twitter. These are very greedy artists who think only about themselves and do not have the interest of other stakeholders in mind.
  3. Also with the increase in the number of bloggers in recent times, the category of artists (Greedy) described above exploit the weaknesses and desperation of these amateur bloggers to their advantages. These amateur bloggers lack a basic knowledge on how to convert their traffic into money, they are desperate to be validated by artists so they always crawl from one artist’s page to another looking for songs and information to promote free of charge and if they end getting a Facebook gratitude and approval, they are always more than satisfied. These amateur bloggers are there to spoil the trade for everyone with their ever free and unprofessional promotion. These amateur bloggers and promoters could be blamed for the broken link in Cameroon’s entertainment ecosystem as because of them, artists and managers call bloggers unskilled labourers and hardly find any incentive to hire their services as they will always be there to offer it for free.

The effects of the broken link

Dedicated Bloggers who started with a passion for the industry are gradually shifting away from the industry. They have understood and know how to convert their traffic into money. Most of these professional bloggers who can actually make the difference now prefer to write about Nigerians and other African Celebrities. Writing about Nigerians, you are sure of a steady flow of visitors to your website and a general increase in your adsense earnings. Most of the so-called Cameroonian celebrities do not even have a name big enough to get 1000 monthly searches on Google, so why should a blogger waste his or her time writing about someone who will never appreciate financial wise or even with some organic traffic?

It’s high time Cameroonian celebs move towards professionalism and also book a space for themselves in cyberspaces or keep drowning in the bottomless pit of Facebook Walls forever.


Have your say on this issue in the comment box below, click play to enjoy an outstanding rap piece from Young holiday while commenting. 

Entertainment EcosystemThanks for Reading, it’s been your girl Leticia Tamanji an amateur blogger, PR and promoter under the auspices of MCMG. This is my first blog post, use the comment box below to let me know what you think, your suggestions and corrections will help me improve.






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