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Artist Of The Month – August

artist of the month

Dear CB readers, here’s another edition of monthly poll; an exclusive MCMG promotional program aimed at giving hardworking Cameroonian artists a nudge. A couple of editions have gone by and we use this opportunity to say thank you for taking out time to vote. The previous edition (Artist of the month – July) is now officially closed and the winner of the poll is “Brino Man”.  Watch the Poll winning Video Below:   Follow the Rules Below to vote your favorite Artist of the Month of August: Click on the circle around the Artist’s name. Click on Vote. Scroll to…

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Artist Of The Month – July

  Dear CB readers, here’s another edition of artist of the month poll. The previous edition(Artist of the month – June) is now officially closed and the winner of the poll in “Young Holiday”. What I’ve become by Young Holiday feat Benny Clancy had a total of 17 votes out of the 48 votes that were registered! Our Artists give their best to make their voices heard Within Pays, in other African countries and the world at large! So it becomes imperative for us to come up with programs which will give them such opportunities they crave and work hard…

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Artist Of The Month (June): Hustlers and Divas

Artist of the Month june

While we seek to make money from whatever we do, we also acknowledge and condemn very strongly any disrespect from whosoever.  In a bit to promote hardworking talents; hustlers and divas (in the music sector), MCMG has devised this poll as a means to reward with a free promo. MCMG Presents the artist of the month Poll on behalf of Cameroonian Beauties. We started this program last year and halted for a while after the January 2017 edition. After working on our platforms, we are now able to give the winners of our polls outstanding promotion. The platforms are set…

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