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Peter Okoye, Mr. P and Twin, Paul, Rudeboy, Part Ways: No More Psquare

The Nigeria Hip-hop twins, Peter and Paul popularly known as Psquare finally  ready to part ways. According to the letter sent by Peter, Mr. P to their lawyer, he has demanded a termination of their agreement as a group. Peter based his decisions on some very serious allegations  against his twin Paul, Rudeboy and their elder brother Jude.

A couple of years back after Peter Okoye, Mr. P, got married to his long time girl friend and baby mama, things started falling apart between the Psquare.  It started with Paul, Rudeboy, going public in front of the Mavin and other crews claiming that Peter can’t sing. This led to serious misunderstanding whereby their elder brother Jude, who acted as their manager, joined in to support Paul.
The finest African music band had to split for a while. This left a couple millions of fans worldwide to go on their knees for the brothers.

During this period, while business was booming for Mr. P , RudeBoy was busing calling heaven for their parent’s intervention which eventually worked and the group was reconstructed under strict rules which gave the brothers the right to follow solo careers.
As usual, Mr. P remained in the spotlight and had many international shows and endorsement deals while Rudeboy and Jude were making chicken change stuck in naija.

Apparently, Psquare were to have a US/CANADA tour this September and October but since they have been there they have attended just 2 shows together. The rest shows agents/promoters have been booking for Peter alone. Lately,  Peter posted some pictures and videos, shooting a video alone and some with his dancers. Peter already publicised other venues in the US where he will be going to.
In this light, fans questioned Peter on Instagram about him going alone to shows and not with Paul. He replied by saying they are still together but also still entitled to do solo/collaboration projects.
Jude and Paul Okoye could not keep their cool no more seeing how big Peter had become. Paul took to twitter to threaten Peter’s wife calling her names.

 Peter had to seek the audience of their lawyer. So, in one of their sessions, Jude and Paul promised dead to Peter and asked him to come along with his coffin next time they meet. Following several of similar threats to both his family and himself, Peter decided to file for a final breakup of the group Psquare.



See letter below written and signed on the 21st of September 2017

Peter also accused Paul of slandering his wife and children with lies on social media and alleged that they have now been receiving threatening messages. He says:

“I cannot betray my wife and kids, MY FAMILY COMES FIRST. There has been so many threats against me and my family and it is in the best interest of myself and family to remove myself from the contract.”

A video went viral capturing the almost fighting amongst themselves and verbally assaulting each other at their lawyers office. see video below.


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