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First Date? 5 Ways To Tell He/She Is The One

Ever wonder if you could tell if she is the one on your first date? well here are a few tips for you to find out if she could be the one. Nowadays, it is hard to find MR/MRS Right, everyone is looking for the perfect man or the perfect girl.  A friend recently asked me ‘what is my ideal man?’ when I told him hahaha he said “only JESUS CHRIST can be that man.” Well we forget to know that its up to us to find MR/MRS LEFT and turn him/her into MR/MRS RIGHT. Below are a few tips to find Mr/Mrs Right on your first date

1) He/she is not what you expected

I guess you’ve been imaging who your future husband/ wife would be, but on this day this person is completely opposite from your imaginations. They are not what you expected; they look almost better than your imaginations, when you take a glance at them your are drawn in a way that you feel like you’ve never felt before. your first impression of him/her is much better than that you had for your ex. when they give you a better impression on your first date, that means they are far much better than what you gave yourself as a future partner and that is a bonus right?

2) When you’re on the same page

It might be difficult to tell if your core aligns the first time you meet, but however, the first date always has so many opportunities to see where the other person stands. First dates are always the perfect time to ask questions and to get to know the other person better. use this opportunity to find out if you could be on the same page. Ask as many questions as you can, their answers, body language an facial expression will tell you where they stand. whatever the other person does, from the food they order to the things they talk about will give you an ideal of what kind of person they are. for example for he/she talks a lot about their siblings, their parents to you, you will be able to immediately tell that they are family oriented therefore, might be a wife/husband material.

3) You feel like you’ve known each other for a long time 

Meeting a stranger for a first date is often intimidating in its own way. This is simply because we tend to have mix feelings and expectations. Our hopes are often geared towards meeting someone of a particular definition. At the same time, our subconscious mind pushes us to the edge of thoughts by calling to mind the possibility of meeting a person below our expectations. Nevertheless, the greatest achievement is when we meet someone with whom we share core values and common ties. This makes us feel like we have known them for a long time. Such meetings or dates often end in self satisfaction and the desire of meeting each other again.

4) They want to know you better

The central idea in all relationships is knowing each other better. This helps to build a foundation of trust and security. If on a date with someone, always seek to know them better. However, if the other person doesn’t intends to open up, then be on your guard. Such persons build very shaky and rocky relationships since secrets are part of their life.

5) You are walking home saying I have never felt like this before…

Self satisfaction is the key to success in everything you do. If you encounter someone for a date who makes you feel important, self satisfied, accomplished, etc., you better stick to such persons. It is very rare to meet such a person who is not genuine, therefore, it is advisable to seek to be with them always.

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