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Locko is a Disgrace and needs to apologize to Lockomotives and Promoters

Locko has finally become a big household name in Cameroon’s entertainment industry! Supported and promoted by Cameroonians (Lockomotives and promoters) all for free because of his golden voice and outstanding prowess when it comes to the mic.

At a point where many believed he will start giving back to the society (hire the services of promoters), Locko chose to export the money to India by hiring fake YouTube view generators.

Now a brief summary of Big Dream Entertainment’s Youtube Channel where Locko’s videos are published

  • The channel was created on the 26th of March, 2015
  • A total of 7,498,889 Video Views
  • Daily Average of  +7200 views
  • +215,978 views were recorded channel wide within the last 30days
  • 37249 organic views recorded between the 6th of August and the 10th of August, channel-wide.
  • 14,679 Subscribers
  • The Channel has been monetized and can make between $648 – $10.4K as Estimated Yearly Earnings
  • 38 uploads

summary drawn at the time of writing this blog post.

See Screenshots below:




Those screen shots speak volumes, but the exact message that was sent to Locko after the Video was deleted speaks even louder:

Points to note underlined in Red:

According to Locko and his Management, Big Dreams Entertainment’s Account was hacked and the video deleted by some hater or rival, damn! If the account was hacked and Video deleted, it’s very easy for Locko to restore the Video than re-uploading it.

Restoring a deleted Video is more advantageous as the views recorded will be restored as well, but Locko has chosen to start from scratch, re-uploading at a specific time as stipulated by Youtube.

If Locko thinks I have put up a false report against him, I challenge him to watch the video below and restore the deleted Video to prove me wrong:


Videos deleted by Youtube can’t be restored, but Videos mistakenly deleted (by yourself or so called hackers can be restored)

If the above Video is complicated for Locko, Let him search on Youtube, there are more than 100 other videos about Restoring deleted videos to guide him.

The truth is a bitter pill that must be swallowed anyway. Despite the slow growth recorded in the entertainment industry, there’s no doubt that a few individuals have taken upon themselves to do a good job of educating musicians and other stakeholders free of charge. We advice everyone to hold PR services at high esteem for this is the time to monetize our art genuinely. No faking, no Lockorating… We are real, we can deliver… This is our time…


Enjoy Young Holiday Below:



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  1. Je pense que Big Dreams Entertainment ne va pas répondre à cet article car il trop vrai et de ma petite connaissance dans le domaine des médias, c’était un coup de buzz de la part de Locko et sa team. Quitte à lui de nous prouver que nous avons tord .

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