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Mel B Akwen is Plus one today and MCMG celebrates with her in a Special Way

Mel B Akwen Birthday

Mel B Akwen Birthday 😀

Dear CB readers, ‘Na’ Mel B Akwen Birthday!

It’s with great joy that I write this one, not becaus my Pari-foot ticket don hammer, but because God almighty has made possible for a great, simple, understanding, and outgoing Afro-Pop queen to see her new year. Guys, join me to celebrate this legend today for her contributions in our society are not only limited to the ‘tainment ‘dustry, but to the lives of every single soul fortunate enough to be around her that she has impacted in one way or the other.


Lots about this legend has changed: career wise, she’s barely few steps away to her zenith, musically, she could be likened to fine wine which only gets better with time. Character wise, the only changes which are visible to some of us who knew her way back when she was yet  to develop her celebrity wings is the refinement of her perfection.

We know many humble people who could only develop wings at the spotlight, people who have become so haughty and domineering, riding a high horse and looking down on others with great disdain, but for this Afro-Pop legend, fame is a tool she uses to bless and touch lives around her and far beyond. Despite her busy schedules, she always make out time to interact with her fans, replying each and every comment on her timeline, sharing and appreciating bloggers for each and every post they write about her and to top it, she’s available to collaborate and help upcoming artists in areas where they need help the most.

Today is her day and I hereby beseech the entire MCMG community members to join me in celebrating this legend. Couldn’t think of a better way of doing this other than aggregating and curating her arts. On this note, I present to you my top list of her work.

Her musical journey hasn’t been a bed of roses, but her persistence is what makes the difference! She’s been around Cameroonian musical scene from time immemorial—even before the emergence of King kong and Big Vulture, she had done a collabo with the street king of Kamer Music—The legendary Big G Baba. “E d Pain me was and is still a much acclaimed epic song depicting and explaining how women go through abusive relationships and even though the doors are wide open, they find it difficult to use the chains in breaking the chains because of their pure love. Despiste the pains and endless flow of tears, the unwanted love seems supreme! Listen to ” E D Pain Me” below:

In her silky and lustrous voice, 2012 was the year for her to say, ” Yes, Yes”! For Mel B Akwen (MBA), it’s all about love and obviously people can’t offer what they don’t have—MBA is made of love—a love that is ready, willing and able to say yes to every endeavours of her boo. She didn’t only paint a conspicuous picture of her loving mindset, but she equally vividly denotes her supportive nature (even if e mean sailing round the world). “SAY YES YES” is a song dedicated to guys like me who got what it takes to love back 10 times over. Enjoy the video below:

In 2014, it was time to make people Wanda about the consistency of her story-line. “WANDA” is a harmonious blend of Afro-pop and Cameroonian traditional makossa given birth to yet another love story. Again she expressed her readiness to sacrifice (Anything I fit do, I do for you) in a bit to nurture and see her relationship grow regardless of the restrains. Watch below and join me to wanda the kind of love this Afro-pop queen is made off:

Still in 2014, barely few months after she released “WANDA” she realised love, like the rose flowers, got thorns! “Na Mel B AkwenU” is another love story, but this time around more mature and truer! Irrespective of the hassles, tussles and pains that come with love, she’s ready to linger and not give up on her Bae.

Even contri fashion no fit stop her love in “Na U”! How I wish na me be the lucky recipient of such an unflinching and resolute love. Watch the Video below and feel this legend even some more.

2015 was the year to get all “Chakara” Off her musical path, not a usual love story, but a Miltonian blockbuster! John Milton was an English poet known for his remarkable epic poems and today arts that are outstanding are described using “Miltonian” as an adjective. In Chakara, Mel B Akwen proved she’s not only a lover, but equally a fighter who’s able to “domo” her way through life’s chakaras’.

Even Na height I de sky oh…Wety de go de oh”..Here, she’s limitless!

Even na wait, I go wait oh….Here, she’s Patient!

Even na war, I go Bring oh….Here, she persistent!

Even na fight, I go Win oh….Here, she’s Optimistic!

Chakara happens to be one of my best of Mel B Akwen’s song of all times! Whenever am down, I always go to Youtube and search for Chakara to get a dose of inspiration from her Miltonian mindset.  Watch Chakara below and clear your own Chakara off your path to success:

In 2016, she was Chakara free, her story truly changed and it was time to be thankful to God almighty for putting his outstretched hands in her hustle and changing her stories. Ndele is a  quintessence of a multi facet story-line as we find her at one end being grateful to God and at the other end being happy for finally being in a non abusive relationship. Again, a Miltonian mindset as she uses a single word to describe two things —gratitude and love. Enjoy Ndele below:

After Ndele, then came the unlimited blessings! 2017 is the year  our Afro-pop queen finally started enjoying the fruits of her labour: The Cloe shades, the watches, the tours, shows and money in the bank. No need to say much here, we already know her story and everything she’s been through and we can conclude by saying she deserves the blessings. Enjoy Blessing below and stayed blessed!

Once again, it’s her birthday!



In Mel B Akwen’s own words – Fashion & Action…

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