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Dear CB readers, it’s the 3rd edition of “Have A Chat” – HAC, and Our Afro Pop Queen Mel B Akwen made out time out of her usual busy schedule to make the program a success. Our Girl Julette Takov traveled all the way from Limbe to meet with MBA in Buea, she put the chat in black and white as below:

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I met with the beautiful, talented, humble and sweet Mel B Akwen(MBA). someone I have known since our secondary school days; she was known and popular in school for a sweet melodious voice. Believe me she’s got the voice and when we talk of naturally talented singers, Mel B is one of them.  Mel B despite her God given talent wasn’t supported by a
lot of people around her including her parents. She’s the child that the family often considers a failure because she was dedicated on her musical journey as oppose to the stance of her parents.

“I sold bread in NJIEFORBI to get funds to sponsor my music and meet my needs at the time”, declared MBA.

She however obtained a degree in law from the University of Buea.

I asked her why she’s more popular out of the country than in the country and she said:

“people abroad are more eager  to listen to home music and apart from that, Anglophones are hard to please. My music is first of all unique and good but most Anglophones have the mentality of ‘you are in Buea and you are the girl next door’ as oppose to the francophones who support musicians more”.

When asked what she thinks about Anglophone artists who sing in French and she said aside from the fact that Cameroon is more of French speaking, francophones support music more so it normal for musicians to sing in French since the biggest audiences are French speaking. Notwithstanding,  we have to please all the fans; she emphasized!!

MBA is, MADLY IN LOVE with someone, aaaaawwwwch sorry guys!  Mel just dropped an acoustic single titled BEAUTIFUL which is already the anthem on every lip.  It is an encouragement for every woman to know they are beautiful, they don’t only need to hear from someone because people will compliment only when u succeed.  Every woman needs to know they are beautiful irrespective of their status.

Dear CB Readers, take a moment and Click on the link below to watch the Video of “Beautiful”, It’s a breath taking acoustic and I promise you will love MBA even more after watching the Video.

“Beautiful on Facebook”

She has no upcoming projects as she just dropped a single.  Her hobbies are:  relaxing at home and shopping.


Afro Pop Queen Mel B Akwen3

MBA had some advice for fellow artists

artists are a brand, especially if you are a household name. You have to look after yourself; you have to do what you have to do. Also, your fans are your music family you need to give them something good, you owe them that. 

Musicians need to keep in touch with reality, they should sing what they relate to either directly through experience or indirectly through others experience.

Mel B went ahead to say she is completely against the attack on Maahlox. It was totally uncalled for.  She says her biggest competition in the industry is anybody who is doing great like Mr. LEO, LOCKO and RENISS.

Advice to upcoming artist:

They have to go through every stage like go on stage for free, pay DJs, spend money to succeed, work hard to prove yourself,  and believe more in themselves”.

MBA sends a message to her fans: 

To my supa fans, my beautiful fans I love you all. You keep me up at night to try to give you the best I appreciate your support

MBA ended by sending her appreciation to other Artist:

To my fellow artists thanks for the love.

It was your girl Julette Takov on this one, anticipate the 4th edition of HAC, it will be served on a platter of gold containing more juice!! Don’t forget to drop your comments below, Thanks CB readers.

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    Awww thank you our beautiful Queen B we love u and BEAUTIFUL is just killing me. Anticipating for the 4th edition like yehhhhh thanks Jullete ??

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