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We do what gives us money; it is hard to work with fat girls as Models…

Julette Had A Chat(HAC) With Fredash

I met with Nemfor Alfred AKA FREDASH. OWNER OF Fredash entertainment which deals with modeling and photography (and entertainment).

Fredash says as one of the pioneers in the industry; which he joint almost 10 years ago, it’s been “difficult to sustain but things are fast changing”.

Ladies he is single based on my judgement so get in there. 🙄

Julette Takov feeling herself after she chatted with Fredash
Boss Fredash and Team



Fredash says there are particular requirements his agency needs to register a model which entails your height, size, body and age. When asked if he thinks that’s not discriminatory he said:



It is a business and we go with what gives us the money, you go for what the client wants. It is hard to work for fatter girls because designers don’t want to use them

FIAFA, The event where Models, designers and other stakeholders in the industry get maximum exposure

He went ahead to say that the size sometimes is not the biggest issue as they model the products and not the person and that they encourage their models to be healthy.

I asked if young girls are stills sexually used in the modeling industry and he said this:

Yes but it is less now compared to before and sometimes the girls throw themselves on the man with the hope of giving u what they have to get favour with what they want. How long can you resist but however i condemn any man who sexually abuses a woman just because he is in the position to help her.

Fredash has an upcoming event aimed at teaching people on what fashion is, promoting and awarding the Cameroon fashion industry, and bringing designers and consumers closer and under one roof. It will only award based on those who use Cameroon designs and those who promote Cameroon designers will be recognised. Click the Subpage to read more about the award “CFA”

Meet The beautiful Models Fredash through his events and company have been promoting. Cameroon indeed got some rare bred of cuties, they are truly Cameroonian Beauties.

Great Fashion Designer you should Read About:

AYISSI NGA Joseph-Marie Among Top Fashion Designers in Africa


A beautiful scene, a beautiful picture and outstanding photographer


Cameroonian Enchantress, Cameroonian Beauties, Cameroonian Models doing their Modeling biz

Will you be fair in your selection? I asked him and this is what he said:

I don’t take sides in business so this award is going to be fair. The deserving will win. If you don’t use a Cameroonian designer you can’t win we need to promote ours. In 2012 I did miss West Africa, two of my models were amongst the competitors but none of them won. I like fairness and i like when the deserving win not the favoured.  

According to Fredash during this fashion event there will be a big seminar with top officials for networking, education on what fashion is and the importance of using and promoting our own artists, models and designers for commercials and adverts. Also it will be an opportunity for new coming designers to interact with the older ones and to learn more about what they are getting into.

Contact Fredash if you are interested in Beautiful and outstanding pictures, he will cover your events, shows and occasions.


Fredash Photography Makes Syndy Emade looks more beautiful and Charming.

Fredash says;

The biggest problem is everyone wants to be the head instate letting competence role. Most people are after the fame and name.

He advices young models to;

Look at yourself and be honest with yourself, can you do it, do you have what it takes?, do you have the talent and if your answer is yes then go for it and don’t look back.

I asked what are the challenges they face in the photography sector and he said:

Photography has changed a lot. It is more digital now and requires a lot of knowledge, talent and time. If you get the right equipment and training you are good to go. However, photographers in our industry have a challenge of not getting paid what they are worth and appreciated less. You put hours of work on an artist’s photo session and he can’t pay well or pay the price his session is worth and still we don’t get the appreciation. However, we are a lot better now than some years back. You can now get very good event photographs and videos because there are well equip photographers.

Another Cameroonian Fashion Designer you ought to know:


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