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Cameroon Fashion Awards(CFA)

About CFA

The Cameroon Fashion Award(CFA) is an annual ceremony to honor and recognize Cameroon designers, models, photographers, fashion industry leaders, makeup artists, celebrities in various fields and other entertainers. CFA is in its very first edition organised by Fredash entertainment after haven organised several other fashion and entertainment events.

CFA is an award that will become phenomenal in Cameroon and can be ranked among the best events in Cameroon because it will deliver with all its might, style and professionalism.

CFA is going to bring together serious and like minded people together: Models, actors, bloggers, producers, directors, photographers, Economists, administrators, university students from across the country, and other media outlets.

The main aim of CFA is to lend a helping hand in curbing youth delinquency, to educate youths on gender and sexual orientation, to open an avenue for prospective models, designers, makeup artists and to create both temporal and permanent employment for youths. CFA is going encourage creativity by compelling designers to their creative imaginations to come out with new designs; for make-up artists to come up with outstanding patterns, new photo focuses and for bloggers to think out of the box and write creatively.

CFA is coming up in November, Nomination is currently going on, Dear CB readers, see the Categories below and do not fail to nominate your favorite.


– Best Male fashion designer of the year
– Best Female fashion designer of the year
– Best Female model of the year
– Best Male model of the year
– Best Young designer of the year
– Best fashion Photographer of the year
– Best Make up artist
– Best dressed female TV journalist
– Best dressed male TV journalist
– Best dressed male music Artist
– Best dressed female music artist
– Honorary Award
– Best dressed actress
– Best dressed actor
– Best red carpet dress(people choice)
-Best fashion blogger
– Best costumed movie
– Best costumed music video
– Best fashion stylist
– Best fashion magazine

Modeling, fashion, blogging, designing and entertainment


Modeling, fashion, entertainment, photography; Fiafa 2017 was lit..Too much juice

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