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Nicki Minaj on it again, three songs on the same day

nicki minaj new song

Nicki Minaj New Song

On the 10th of May, the Internet wokeup to new music from Nicki Minaj. And not just one song, but three new songs. Yep, you read that right.

Nicki’s first song, “No Frauds,” features a collaboration with Drake and Lil Wayne, and can easily be read as a response to all the ~drama~ with Remy Ma. In case you missed it (but how could you), Remy released a seven-minute diss track a few weeks ago, taking several jabs at Nicki. And even though Remy later said that she wasn’t “particularly proud” of the feud, as she doesn’t “condone or recommend the tearing down of another female,” it seemed like only a matter of time before Nicki responded in kind. And in case you need it spelled out for you, Nicki released a lyric video to “No Frauds” on Twitter which certainly makes her point quite clear.

nicki minaj new song
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