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M.C Media Group (MCMG) Offers outstanding and top-notch promotional services to Cameroonian artists. We offer both free and paid promotions to Cameroonian artists; at home and abroad. Why spend money producing quality Videos and still can’t get the expected outcome? Cameroonian artists swim in this muddy swamp—they spend time, money, human resources to produce excellent Videos and at the end of the day, little or nothing about them is ever known beyond Cameroon.

MCMG comes in with a huge expertise in social media marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) To sell Cameroonian artists to the world and give them the exposure they deserve.

The Journey to becoming a star is about talent and hard work but the journey to keep being a star is about the fans. We offer the best platform for building a solid fan base…

We develop storylines based on clients’ vision. We keep you on the map with just the right keywords, we customize promotion just for your taste; short-term, medium-term and long-term. MCMG got you covered.



Costs: Completely Free, Zero cost! M.C Medias offer free promotional services to all Cameroonian artists. By free promotion, we mean the following

  • Share latest Videos by any Cameroonian artist on  Facebook and other Social Medias

  • Upload Videos by Cameroonians on any of our websites with a mini blog post, not more than 100 words for free and share the links on our Facebook pages, Whatsapp groups, Twitter accounts, Instagram, google plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, Quora, and Reddit.

STANDARD PROMO: Our standard promotions are quite affordable by any artist or artist’s manager. It’s a very effective means to make an artist popular; bring in the shows, concerts, and other deals. Our standard promotional package entails the following:

  • Everything offered above under the free promo scheme.

  • 3 well-written blog Posts, more than 300 words each, well optimized for search engine Ranking with high selling Keyword phrases. Blog post will be posted either on or on

  • A forum ( topic will be opened with several recent photographs of the artist in question and shared on Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups, Facebook pages, Instagram so that fans and audiences of the artist can have their say.

  • A picture of the artist plus link of his/her Facebook page will be placed as a targeted advert on the sidebars of either, or

    • Normal Standard Promo —– 45,000FCFA (Artist’s picture and link to Facebook page stays on the sidebar for one week)

    • Gold Standard Promo —— 85,000FCFA ( Artist’s picture and link to Facebook page stays on the sidebar for 3 months, with a new picture of the artist replaced on weekly basis)

    • Gold Plus Standard Promo ——- 150,000FCFA ( Artist’s picture and link to Facebook page stays on the sidebar for 12 months, with a new picture of the artist replaced after every three days)

PREMIUM PROMO: The best and cost-effective promotional scheme offered by MCMG. As the name suggests, we are going to make the artist in question a premium star, build for them a fan base, increase their audiences and YouTube video views. Our premium promo package comes with the following:

  •  Everything offered above under the free and standard promo schemes.

  • One Sponsored Blog Post On Facebook.

  • Blog posts on both and

  • Link to artist Video will be shared on international medias like Pinterest, Reddit and much more

  • Video of artist forwarded to show & concert organizers.

  • A weekly forum topic about the artist will be open on the forums for 2 months with recent photographs and updates. 

  • M.C Media Group shall work on the Artist’s YouTube Channel and Videos: Titles, description, Tags, annotations,…etc and eventually get the artist ranked on the Front page of YouTube for high traffic Keyword phrases

    • Normal Premium Promo ——– 165,000FCFA ( link to Facebook page and pictures on the sidebar for 3 months, weekly change of pictures apply), 5 Keyword phrases on our websites and YouTube

    • Platinum Premium Promo ———- 250,000FCFA ( Artist’s picture and link to Facebook page stay on the sidebar for 6 months, with a new picture of the artist replacing the old one every three days), 10 high selling Keyword phrases for YouTube and our Websites.

    • Super Star Premium Promo ——— 350,000FCFA ( 2 sidebars, daily change of picture on the sidebars and services last for 365 days), 20 High selling Keyword Phrases

However, there exist customized options for artists who will prefer that we act as their PR. In such cases, the contract is negotiable on a biannual (6 months) or annual basis.

Interested in our promotional packages? Kindly e-mail our promo team for a contract via the E-mails: or  We get to sign a contract, half payment upfront and balance paid only after the Artist in question starts seeing good results.

We look forward to taking you on an exciting journey of promotion. Thanks, MCMG

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