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Sawali le Parisien: Maestro of the Cameroon Fashion and Design Industry

 Outstanding Cameroonian fashion designer:  the CEO and founder of walk to Paris fashion.

There are a lot of actors in the fashion and design industry in Cameroon but a few stand out in the crowd. Walk to Paris fashion is much respected for their master stroke designs and touch of class. The photos below give you just a peek into their finest and versatile collections.

Who is Sawali le Parisien?

Sawali le Parisien is a young Cameroonian fashion and design mavin from the Northwest region of Cameroon. He’s the CEO of walk to Paris Fashion house atNtarikon Bamenda.
Get to know the tall, dark, handsome, intelligent and creative mind, who is the founder and CEO of walk to Paris fashion. This fashion geek is unique for his ability to create as well as meet customers satisfaction.

Walk to Paris fashion is a household name in Bamenda and Cameroon for its outstanding class and unique designs. A few of his creations are sampled here and you can contact him for more samples at shed 27 Ntarinkon Bamenda.
Place your others for his showpiece collections through  +237 695084268

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