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Skiezy Ayenkea on MCMG’s Spotlight

Focus on Skiezy Ayenkea

Skiezy Ayenkea is a Diaspora based Cameroonian Rapper who recently travelled back home to stamp his footprint in the country’s showbiz soil.  He has done superb covers and freestyle and he thinks it’s about time he stamps and seals his position in the industry by working none stop to ensure his album “The Chase” get released before the year runs out. 

Just like young Holiday and Wan Shey, Skiezy Ayenkea; is also a rapper with a broad mind, a good lyricist, a lyrical coder and decoder. He has been in the game as early as 1999, but his debut album was released in 2002 and we can say he is one of the few Cameroonian urban artist to release a rap song on cassette(Tape recorders) .

Skiezy Ayenkea is supportive, educative and will not for one second relent to offer his contribution to ensure the growth of the entertainment industry, in his own words, he has the following to tell us about his career and personality:


Name :Tardzenyuy Bernard Ayenkea

Early Stage name: Sky Dady

Current Stage name :Skiezy Ayenkea

Date of Birth :19th May 1988

I am a Rapper and singer and  I belong to a group called Nascent Boyz with my partner Parker, together we started our musical career in 1999-2000.

I am a holder of a Bachelors in English literatures obtained from the university of Buea with a minor in Performing and visual arts.

I’m currently living in Dubai but still stay close to 237. My debut songs were recorded in 2002 but it can’t be found online cuz the social media had no impact then, but the stereos and we had it on tape recorders which are no longer relevant today.

I hail from Bonaberi- Douala precisely Nkomba- Mabanda.. I’ve have  been part of couple of music shows in Douala and Buea.

Music has always been  and still remain my first wifey!  😎 😆

Together with my crew, we have worked with great producers like: Timo Bass, Darice Etang, Z-Lex Blacson, DEA the Busker, Slim Beat, Djudi.

Some of the songs I have released with my crew that you can find on Soundcloud and Youtube listed below:  

Climax ft Why Tomah

First Lady ft Cervel Ganster

Ali Bomaye

My most recent release is “VENALEALEN” which  in Lamnso means:  watch him!

i am working on an Album which will be out before the end of the year with the tittle “The Chase”

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