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Social Media And Digital Infidelity

Hidden/ secret things are always fun yet dangerous.Such is the case with infidelity.Cheating is a conscious decision by an individual to deliberately have a sexual relationship with another individual who is not his or her partner.
It is first a conscious thought, next a conscious decision, and a deliberate action to sleep with someone else other than their partner. Alot of people believe infidelity must involve physical actions but the most common form of infidelity in the 21st century is social media infidelity.

What is digital infidelity?

Digital infidelity occurs when people use social media and other electronic communication to cross relationship/ marital boundaries. This can take the form of suggestive chatting, exchange of pictures, or when you emotionally bond with someone on social media other than your spouse. Because of the physical separation, couples may not necessarily view this as “real” infidelity but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous than a physical encounter.

Social media infidelity as harmful as physical infidelity because both the mind and emotions are involved. Consistent communication breeds intimacy and fondness brings affection. When you start finding companionship and solace with a person other than your partner, your relationship begins to dwindle, both partners may be physically together but emotional far apart, because you are channeling yours emotions, attention and energy to someone else.

Social media seems to have added fuel to the fire of infidelity. Former flames are just a click away. Appropriate relationship boundaries can become blurry. For example, when does casual messaging cross the line into an emotional affair? More relationships and marriages have crashed and most people use the virtual aspect of it as justification for starting such relationships. With social media it is easy to reignite emotions online. With access to an old flame’s profile, contact info, pictures and private ways to communicate with one another, a brief trip down memory lane can lead to reminiscing over memories and rebuilding the emotional bonds that once existed.

How can you know you are vulnerable to digital infidelity?

How can you know you are vulnerable to digital infidelity?

Ask yourself if you feel emotionally connected to your partner. If not, ask yourself if you are making yourself emotionally available to them. When your online network becomes more of a personal support system than your relationship, you are vulnerable. Take caution when you begin to look forward to digital exchanges with another person or become obsessed with getting back online to see if you received new messages. These habits as well as sharing stories, dreams or fears with someone else instead of your partner foster more intimacy with the outside person and create emotional distance between you and your partner.

Technology may expedite emotional infidelity, but it isn’t the only culprit . Discipline comes from within. Emotional affairs often begin as friendships and gradually develop when trust and confidence are established.
Social Media infidelity is harmful to relationships and marriages. Once we start sharing our feelings and emotions with someone else asides our spouses and partners, infidelity sets in. Jesus Christ could say that you have committed adultery by looking at someone and lusting after him/her, then what are we saying? There’s no way you will not think about the other person when u’r with ur partner and that’s when unnecessary comparisons about things that didn’t matter before start cropping up which can lead to quarrels. One day soon, one of you will take a step further to meet physically! The rest is history. Don’t smell what you won’t eat.

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