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Success Beyond Measure: Top 10 Cameroon Musicians of 2017

Artist of the Month

With a new year set for rolling in all domains of life, it wouldn’t be fair to give a score-sheet for the just ended year, 2017.  The music industry in Cameroon has experienced it’s own delicate share of ups and downs; yet its trajectory points towards the positive direction.

2017 has been a year of success to say the least. Despite the civil unrest in the country, good music has been able to truncate the daily torments, giving us a chance to grasps for laughter once in a while. While some household names in the industry keep their game in check, others failed to live up to expectations. The most interesting display and masterpiece came from the up and coming artists. They proved to everyone they were ready to handle the baton. Our review takes into consideration the following;

  1. Lyrics
  2. Promotion associated with release
  3. Public perception after release and up to the time of this review
  4. Status of music label viz-a-viz the quality of the work done
  5. Quality of production, sound, video (if any), etc

Below is our review, enjoy and give us your feedback as a comment…

10. Koppo: Gromologie

The veteran musician drops this banger under the visuals of the one and only grand master of ‘videography’ Na Mr. Adrenaline. The single highlights the use of unnecessary jargon to displace meaningful communication in the society. Gromologie makes this list because of its humour, visual and touch of class.

9. Ghislain Dimaï – On ne vous a pas laissé

Taking everyone by surprise in 2017, Ghislain Dimaï drops a banger that was just so loved by the public. Despite its simplicity in video, the lyrics carries a lot of message and presents just the perfect blend of the upper and lower class conflict in our society. This musician definitely doesn’t intends stopping anytime soon.

8. Magasco x Locko x Minks x Tenor x Rythmz – Power

Power indeed. This masterpiece is the finest collaboration to have come out of Cameroon for a very long time. The blend of artists of different styles was just so perfect that one is tempted to ask for more of such collabos. Bamenda boy has sure drop powerful singles during the first and second quarters of 2017, but the strength associated with Power overshadows every other release.

7. Alpha Beta Crew – Higher-Higher

Having been associated with the release of good music all year round, the crew decided to end the year far from the polemics of “Qu’Est Ce Qui N’a Pas Marché?” with ‘Higher-Higher.’ Truth be told, this release came at the right time to wipe away the dissatisfaction on the fans’ face after the release of Mr. Leo’s album. Many fans thought it was unwise for the album to have chiefly comprised of all the songs released in the course of 2016. Anyway, Higher-higher did the magic.


His rise to stardom has been nothing but phenomenal. Tenor is that one artist in 237 who shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Dramatizing every bit of his art, the mega star has gained the admiration of legends like Lady Ponce, Dj Arafat, etc. ‘Bad Things’ is a perfect summary of Tenor both past, present and future.

5. Mic Monsta – Freedom Of Speech ft Dready Christ

Arguable the biggest and brightest name in the industry throughout the better part of 2017, Mic Monsta has been consistent both lyrically and otherwise. His tracks have always been on point and fans see him as the man carrying the banner of the Anglophone music industry. This is Freedom of Speech, just enjoy…

4. Big G Baba – Tori dey

Big G Baba is one veteran who has never disappointed. He has been dropping hit after hit since 2015. His style of music is something that’s best described by just the parlance “Tori Dey.” If your’re looking for that music to take you through life in a mirage, then you need to listen to Big G Baba more.

3. Young Holiday ft Gee Reign: My Music My Love

Music has proven to be the only platform where language is no barrier. Young Holiday, after dropping positively received singles like Freedom and What I’ve Become, he set the stakes even higher with the release of My Music My Love (MMML). From a neutral perspective, MMML is the New Law of Excellence that personifies musical content by putting lyrics and punchlines that dwarf attempts by other rappers to book a place on the map. We obviously can change the game and status quo. ” MY Music My Love” is a personification of music, contextually and contently expressed in a metaphorical pattern. A soul touching, inspiring and hope filled masterpiece. A well mastered and appropriately blended piece complemented by Gee Reign’s silky voice on the hook. It is but normal and natural to say that the tentacles and magic that was emitted during the old school rap is being rejuvenated.

2017 to say the least was a good year for this up and coming artist. After MMML, the Vanilla crew finally released the long awaited HoliWeek, The EP. The 6-track EP was nothing short of epic. The standard of production/promotion and lyrical content proved again that this team was ready for the battle of supremacy. For their first mass production, it took a great deal of courage to put it on sale without fear of failure.

The young talent deserves a spot on this list not only for his courage, but for lyrical consistency. We keep a keen eye on him to see what their videos will look like.

2. Locko – Je serai là

Not much is there to say about this living legend and musician of our time. Since from day one, Locko has released nothing short of exceptional. His style of music though becoming more and more competitive; with the likes of Mr. Leo and Tzy Panchak also in the spotlight, Locko has a flare that just keeps him acing every test. Je serai là can best be described by the rhythm in the original song.

Truth be told, it isn’t easy to pick just one best from 237 music industry. From a perspective of talent, fan base coupled to the criteria mentioned above, we couldn’t still make a clear decision who’s the best. So, at our number 1 spot, we have two formidable talents.

1. Daphne – Jusqu’à La Gare

Daphne is a rare talent. She has never for once disappointed. A versatile musician and diva, who blends with both old and young to make good music. 2017 was her best year ever and we look forward to greater things this year.

1. Blanche Bailly ft Mink’s – Mimbayeur

“Njumba no be married” is a sound well baked by drama and the soothing voice of Minks. The track tells our tale from a first person perspective. Without fear of favour, Blanche Bailly stands tall in the company of other Cameroonian divas. Mennnnnnn, have u checked her out? Like seriously, I mean from front to back… Anyway, “Mimbayeur” can show you more of this musician.

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