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237 Fashion Industry in a 2017 Vista

Cameroon’s Fashion Industry Being perfect will seem farfetched to many, but to the keen observer, that’s where the 237 Fashion Industry is heading to. In the not too distant past, many of the designers making wave across the country today were just ordinary tailors. With evolution hitting us hard in series of shock waves, survival of the fittest set in and everyone hard to follow the wind of change. Social media, rise of new talents, introduction of new technologies, changes in taste and fashion, domination of the continent by neighboring countries, etc., together, changed the perception of Cameroonians towards tailoring.…

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THE DESIGNER WHO MAKES CHEMISTRY ISOMEROUS TO FASHION & DESIGN: LOUIS KONG The present and future of Cameroon’s Fashion & Design Industry. The idea of being perfect will seem farfetched to many but to this Chemist turned Fashion & Design guru, it’s just the start of a vision. Meet the handsome, intelligent and multi-talented Louis Fame McCarter or simply Fame, CEO, President & Founder of  LOUIS FAME Clothing. The brand LF is unique in many ways as it represents the core values of Cameroon.   FASHION & DESIGN: Who’s Louis Fame McCarter? Louis Kong is a Cameroonian Fashion & Design guru hailing…

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AYISSI NGA Joseph-Marie Among Top Fashion Designers in Africa

AYISSI NGA Joseph-Marie

Top fashion Designers in Africa; African Fashion Designers African Fashion Designers African fashion designers are making their names and sitting tight on their thrones. Many have even gone beyond the continent, well recognised and good footed on the international stage. Among these Top African Fashion designers, is AYISSI NGA Joseph-Marie aka JJ DU STYLE, a young a dynamic Cameroonian designer from the French Speaking part of the Country. He is a trainee of “VANESSA RUIZ ” fashion school, Paris France. After graduating from the training school in France, Ayissi decided to specialize in the creation of Tuxedos. Created his first Tuxedo…

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