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RAP, R’N’B & AFRO-POP AT DUBLIN SNACK BAR: PUNNANI PREMIERE; DUBLIN ALL-NIGHT SHOW The Cameroonian Entertainment industry is experiencing a metamorphosis towards greatness. RAP, R’N’B & AFRO-POP are a GOLD MINE waiting to be mined. The RAP, R’N’B & AFRO-POP sensations which have been on the leash are now fully bloom and ready to take the central stage. In line with showcasing the rarest and finest RAP, R’N’B & AFRO-POP talents, DUBLIN SNACK BAR PRESENTS DUBLIN ALL NIGHT SHOW: PUNNANI PREMIERE DUBLIN ALL NIGHT SHOW, is a musical event, Presented by DUBLIN Snack bar Bamenda, which has a unique Objective to Celebrate the Excellence of the…

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The Mud House That Made Music and World Music day Epic

young holiday on world music day

The Mud House That Made Music and World Music day Epic. World Music Day World Music Day and Hard Punchlines from Young Holiday and Benny Clancy The Vanilla City crew did not let the environment deprive them of having fun on World Music Day. Life  was made a sweet saying jamboree when the finest from Vanilla City combined and put to the test the strength of their wit. Young Holiday and Benny Clancy just proved once more why they rival with none but themselves. Following the release of ‘What I’ve Become’ the crew made a silent but huge statement to…

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Best African Rapper: The HardCore From Cameroon

Best African Rappers

Meet Young Holiday a Hardcore and Promising African Rapper When a new baller climbs to the stage, the echoes and reverberations get louder. The interesting part is when the said baller isn’t afraid to spit lyrics that beat bars on every octave scale you can think of. This baller got an eye for GOLD, he’s Vanilla City’s protegee and an MCMG torch bearer. Give or take; What I’ve become and Freedom can only come from a pure talent. No faking, no hating… he’s Young Holiday, an upcoming African Rapper. Rising African Rapper, Young Holiday spits fire like no other rapper…

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