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Sex & Relationship: Main Reasons You’re Still Single

Morning Sex

Sex & Relationship: Still Single? Possible Reasons Why Sex & Relationship is a category that gets complicated when viewed from a religious perspective. So, let’s keep it simple and in the “reality context.” If I had an album, the first track would be titled “This Is Why I’m Single,” ideally rapped to the tune of Mims’ 2007 hit, “This Is Why I’m Hot.” The reference to singledom is a very common phrase in most people’s lexicon. They have been saying it geometrically; proportional to the number of partners they meet. A typical guy will sit in the sun and winds up with a weird reaction all…

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20 Nigerian Celebrities Trailed By Gay/Lesbian Rumours

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Nigerian Gay Celebrities 20 Nigerian gay celebrities For years now, these celebrities have battled so much to refute the gay rumours that have seriously been trailing them. Despite their efforts, the rumours keep escalating. The media and blogs are filled with gay rumours about these celebrities.  We stumbled on this list on Nairaland. Made some adjustments and added some new pictures, but all credit all this post goes to Nairaland Forums where the original post was found. 1 DENRELE EDUN Denrele is the one that is worst hit by this gay rumour. His weird lifestyle may have necessitated this rumour.He once…

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