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The Mud House That Made Music and World Music day Epic

young holiday on world music day

The Mud House That Made Music and World Music day Epic. World Music Day World Music Day and Hard Punchlines from Young Holiday and Benny Clancy The Vanilla City crew did not let the environment deprive them of having fun on World Music Day. Life  was made a sweet saying jamboree when the finest from Vanilla City combined and put to the test the strength of their wit. Young Holiday and Benny Clancy just proved once more why they rival with none but themselves. Following the release of ‘What I’ve Become’ the crew made a silent but huge statement to…

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They are beautiful, handsome, smart and intelligent. They are the people behind the entertaining and educative talk shows. They give their best to make sure Cameroon entertainment industry gets the exposure it deserves. They are the back bones of the; “Hansel Show”, “Miss P Show”, “Crystal Beauty Show”, “Sunjo Kia Show” and the most talked about “Tori Dey Show”. We owe them nothing but accord to them the recognition they so deserve! Kindly vote your favorites or 3 best Reality Shows from the poll below. The winner of the poll will be the face of M.C Shows on the side…

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