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Delly Singah Phillips; The Match Maker

For many, marriage is the ultimate goal of a serious relationship, but finding the time to meet that special someone that you may spend the rest of your life with can be a difficult task. Many people find it hard to separate themselves from their busy work life and find time to meet other bachelors/spinsters. Matchmaking therefore becomes an imperative tool  to help them find their soulmates and make the process of meeting someone new less difficult. Matching Making is quite strange to most Cameroonians, but recently, some matchmakers are becoming the best social and human resources in helping people find…

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For the Ladies only: 7 types of men to avoid

Dear CB readers, it’s your girl La Fleur again with another exposition on relationships. My first article was about virtuous women vs Jezebelic Women! I wrote about 7 types of women men should avoid and most of You, our loyal readers, dropped reasonable comments asking us to make it balanced by writing about types of men women shouldn’t date or marry. We are always willing to give our readers just what they want and as such, I took out the time to write about 7 types of men women should avoid as well. In case you didn’t read my first…

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