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Top 5 Stanley Enow’s songs

Stanley Enow

Stanley Enow is by any standard the biggest name on Cameroon’s urban music stage. His achievements  speak volumes, he’s been occupying the top spot of the rap game for half a decade now and we are yet to see any major challenger. 

King Stanley Enow’s journey so far could be likened to a prophet who barely gets honoured in his home! We have seen him over the years convert his hardened haters to fans.

Cameroonians are characterised by an in-depth degree of nepotism and tribalism. He’s been called a wack artist by people who didn’t even take out time to listen, decode and understand his lyrics, but we of; had to join the King Kong in celebrating his 5 years conquest by presenting his top 5 songs to our audiences:

Number 1
Hein Père

Hein Père is the most lionized and multi award winner rap song ever written and performed by Stanley Enow as other songs by the King hasn’t been able to surpass the  supremacy he set in Hein Père.

Number 2
Hit The Road

Hit the Road is an inspirational song that is living the test of time! It’s a clear example of a song that’s never going to die even after Stanley Enow himself is gone. Hit the Road off his ‘Soldier like my Papa’ album vividly paints a “bush-faller’s” story who made promises to his family before he travelled abroad in search of greener pastures, but once he arrived; he’s immediately hit with the reality of the jungle—had his brain developed big muscles. Hit the Road is all about struggles and tussles bush fallers face miles away from home. That’s why some of us out here can easily relate to the story line.

Number 3
Work Hard [Le Père Noël]

Stanley Enow

In Work Hard, he literary denies the existence of Le Père Noël(Father Christmas) which literally spelled out the importance of hard work in any endeavour. Because it’s also an inspirational song, it occupies the third spot on this list.

Number 4
I’ll Be Waiting

Stanley Enow

Women are the most precious handiwork of the master-crafter(God), unfortunately, society and some men are always abusive to the vulnerable woman! Such is the storyline Stanley Enow depicted in “I’ll Be Waiting” in which a damsel experiencing nightmares in her relationship—a plague as Stanley put it, she’s to her man—but a precious meat to another man willing to brace the odds, go down the road irrespective of the cold to carry her load and bang the face of her abusive man. Because women are the backbone of the family and the bedrock of our society, “I’ll Be Waiting” made it to the 4th spot of our list.

Number 5

Cameroon is a land of many haters in which the jealous ones still envy! Just because you’re not from a particular village, region or family—even if you’re doing exceedingly great at your endeavours—you won’t get the love and support  due to your name. A typical example is a Northwestern family that will say nay to their daughter/son trying to tie the nots with a Bayangui lover and vice versa. Such hate is not only founded in relationships, but also in the entertainment industry. Stanley Enow shamed his haters with baseless hatred by proving his lyrical distinction once again in a free-style he dropped on his birthday on the 8th of February, 2016 “Phoenix”.  In the free-style, you find him dropping bars, shades and metaphors! Phoenix is a hardcore hip-hop track which proved beyond doubt that Stanley Enow is a lyrical Steve Jobs.

Envy, dem ma envy, but from ashes, the King will rise like a Phoenix and soar even higher like an eagle. 

Happy 5th anniversary of musical conquest, keep going King! 

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