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7 categories of women you should not Date or Marry

Yvonne Angwi

Virtuous Woman VS Jezebelic Woman

It is a difficult task to find a wife, no wonder the bible says, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing”. A woman who virtous womanhas virtues that every man desires is a rare as gold from Ophir. There’s a pack of wolves posting as a flock of sheep making it even 10 times harder to distinguish the virtuous woman from the Jezebelic woman.


Some men have been emotionally broken, shredded into several pieces and left to rot by the women in their lives so much so that, they had no alternative, but conclude that all women are the same: liars, gold-diggers, cougars, cheaters and Ajaja na bosst—the truth stands—there are great woman out there who have the grace and capacity to support a man to achieve greatness,  help him  discover his strength and push him to fully exploit his potentials.

 Behind Every successful man, there’s a virtuous and God fearing woman

This article exposes the type of women you shouldn’t date or marry not because they are not beautiful enough but because they will only leave your life in pain and misery—always look before you leap!

Virtuous woman good for marriage

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Good woman

Worthy to mark with a big Red sign, is a woman who doesn’t fear God!

Don’t marry a woman who doesn’t have a personal relationship with God.A woman who seeks to please God in every aspect of herself will not find it hard to submit to her husband, but as a man, you equally have to make yourself worthy of submitting to.


Emotionally unstable woman

Don’t date or marry an emotionally unstable woman ,they will leave u in the dark. They are always bitter,nagging, temperamental and difficult to communicate with. Although she is separated from her ex,she is yet to move on. Such women will emotionally drain u and waste your time.



Don’t marry a woman who is too vulnerable and doesn’t have any conviction of her own. There are women who depend on pastors,prophets, friends and family for any decision they make. Because of their vulnerability, they will easily fall for anything. You need a woman with a great mind,understanding and maturity to enjoy your marital or dating experience.



Don’t date or marry a desperate woman! These are women who will push you to the extreme ends just to make you “pop the question”. Relationships with such women is always void of fun as they won’t walk through all the stages leading to marriage, they won’t allow you to even finish opening your mouth and the next question  is “when are we getting married?” .She doesn’t care about your vision,struggles and difficulties ,all she wants is the ring on her finger. Take particular caution with such women!



Don’t date/marry a financial woman.She says she’s with you and only uses other men as the ladder to success and will stop once she achieves her goals.Be rest assured she won’t stop even if u marry her! Be rest assured you are also a bridge leading to the other end of her dreams.



Don’t date/ marry a chronic liar! Some women are born with a ministry and gift of lies telling and their tongues are always willing and able to lie just about anything and for no reason. Lies kills trust and a relationship without trust is like a house without foundation. A relationship or marriage with such person is built on quicksand which will obviously sink sooner than later.Virtuous woman good for marriage


Don’t date or marry a devourer! Yes some women are devourers and will never encourage you to safe a penny or make an investment.She always has something to buy, eat or to showoff just to impress others.She’s always willing and able consume and will even suck out every bit of blood in your veins, arteries and capillaries. Her duty is not to support you to grow but to consume what you have laboured to save. Spend-thrift women are dangerous,they contribute nothing to your financial growth but spend more than those that earn. These kind of women are to be likened to a vampire and a relationship with a devourer kind of woman is a parasitic relationship. Avoid her!

In all, always remember you owe yourself the duty to seek the kind of woman your comfortable with,who loves you and is willing to support your vision.
The beauty of a woman is not in her skin but deep in her attitude and personality. Don’t be deceived by what you see, some day her boobs and butts will no longer be news to you and her sexual prowess will mean nothing when the “Jezibel” in her manifests.

Oh I forgot to add, don’t marry a woman who is not good in bed, but the truth is ,when a woman genuinely loves you, she will learn to satisfy your sexual needs with little or no hassle. So don’t let that be your priority, marry a Virtuous Woman who will make u wholesome and handsome and I assure u, your bed will be bedsome (lol excuse my vocabulary)

The Virtuous Woman triumphs while the Jezebelic Woman fades away with the wind of her promiscuity and excesses.

To all every Virtuous Woman out there, keep up!

If you find this post useful, kindly share and save a brother from the grip of a Jezebelic Woman.

Yvonne AngwiThanks for Reading, Its been Your Girl Yvonne Angwi AKA La Fleur an amateur blogger, trained accountant, marketer and PR under the Umbrella of MCMG. This is my first blog post, use the comment box below to drop your critiques, suggestions, encouragements and I promise to do even better with my second article.

Once Again, Thanks!

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11 Thoughts to “7 categories of women you should not Date or Marry”

  1. excellent write up Yvonne, looking forward to your second post!!

  2. Valerie

    Thank you so much for the words of advice. I really did learned a lot from what I read in the articles. It will be of great help to me to choose a perfect wife when the right time comes for mr to settle down. U are a wonderful woman. God bless u.

    1. Yvonne Angwi

      Thanks so much and God bless u too for creating time to read.

  3. Tata Aisha

    Its all sum girl.
    Women need this to change the bad altitudes u know.let the sky be your springboard.

    1. Yvonne Angwi

      Amen .thank u so much dearie

  4. Lesley nyinghi

    Too good for a first timer. D sky is ur starting point girl. Keep soaring.

  5. Ataubo Mbakwa Anjoanei

    “The Virtuous woman triumphs and the Jezebels fade away with their promiscuous and immoral excesses.

    This is awesome! I love the message!
    Seek for Virtues in a woman and not dwell on physical features because virtues never fade but features depreciate.I’m subscribing to this blog from today!
    Kudos Yvonne!

    1. Yvonne Angwi

      Thanks so much Baron. God bless our CB readers.the best is yet to come.

  6. Great piece of write-up. looking forward for another inspiring piece of work. thanks very much

  7. Giddy

    Great write up with so much counsel for men. Most of the point’s are adroitly nailed. But I also expected other specific negative typology especially like the slothful, the violent, the pervert, the one that hates and disrespects your family and friends, the shameless…but never mind the genres already presented are,quite indicative and representative.

    Good job, though for now you have left the girls still waiting in the cold as per what manner of a man can make a good hussy. Hope your second post will fulfill that desire and expectation.

    Last but not the least, the informal “u” abruptly replacing the formal “you” towards the end of the write up betrayed some tiny bits of negligence.

    Useful piece, nevertheless.

  8. Mr Cortez

    Ohhh my goodness , this is absolutely impressive …Keep the height and the Fire La Fleur

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