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Wan Shey on MCMG’s Spotlight

wan Shey


Wan Shey is the “Status Update” hit maker, an outstanding Kamer rapper who is off the wack lyrical lane. “Status Update” the video; which went viral both home and abroad was an additional red feather on this epic rapper’s black cap of fame as it held fans, lovers of good music and other talented artists spellbound.

Young holiday, another talented rapper felt it touched his soul and had to appreciate by writing a letter of  bars to Wan Shey. 

Before the release of the much acclaimed “Status Update”, Wan Shey had proved his lyrical prowess in tracks like: Wuna Morning audio & Video, Head Of Family audio, Grass audio.  Wan Shey can write lyrics about any topic and he is one of the rappers with an abstract mindset. He can write about:  Love, Negritude, Spirituality, Consciousness, Freedom and just about any topic: any day, anytime and anywhere! Wan Shey is out to offer the best of himself and his philosophies to his audiences and fans.



Name : Venayuver Shey Marc Authur

Stage name : Wan Shey

Date of Birth : 8th November 1988

Wan shey is a Cameroonian rapper, singer, communicator and Record Label Executive born in Tatum, Kumbo in the North West Region of Cameroon.

As a kid he was so much into the magic of words ; writting them, merging them to make sense and just using them to tell stories. His love for words grew into poetry and his poetry grew into music. Always reading books on all sorts of topics he fell in love with the fact that he could use words through music to pass out his opinion, thoughts and doubts, a dream further re-inforced when he listened to rappers like Immortal Technique, Rakim, Nas, Ice Cube, Mobb Deep, Clipse, Wu-Tang Clan, A tribe Called Quest, Krotal,M.I, Ak Sang Grave, Daara J Family etc. All of these bring him to where he is today.

His educational path stems from schools in Baffoussam,Kumbo,Tatum and Yaounde . With a degree in Bilingual studies he dropped out of his Masters studies due to lack of finances and decided to pursue his music dream full time.

As an upcoming artist he has had the privilege of sharing the same stage with Magasco, Tzy Panchak, DaddyBlack, Ambe,Mic Monsta, Mr Leo ,Tirajai, RoqZen amongst other relevant acts in the music Industry. He is an uprising multilingual talent that has proven his worth through his works online and offline like:

Wan Shey - Lost verse Freestyle 2017



Wan Shey - Wuna Morning (Video) 2017



Wan Shey ft Amdi - Head of Family (Audio) 2017



Wan Shey - Grass (Audio) 2017



Wan Shey - Status Update (Video) 2018 



Wan Shey ain’t stoping yet, stay tuned and watch out for his subsequent projects. Use the comment section below and let us know what you think about Wan Shey!

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