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Was Stanley Enow in the right frame of mind when he made the statement?

Stanley Enow

In the 70s, the Douala based  Makossa style dominated the scenes in Cameroon! In 1972, Manu Dibango released his much acclaimed  funky hybrid “Soul Makossa” which at the time and beyond, was the greatest musical export from Cameroon as its popular chant “Mamasay mamasa mamakusa” touched the souls of both Michael Jackson and Rihanna so much so that, they had to incorporate it in their respective lyrics of: “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin” and “Don’t Stop The Music”.

Makossa evolved into an urban, electric and dance rhythm beat which later morphed into “Pop Makossa” championed by the likes of: Eboa Lotin, Manu Dibango, Moni Bille, Bebe Manga, Ben Decca, Moundy Claude (Petit Pays). The Pop Makossa beat actually gained dominance in Africa and only the likes of Fela Kuti of Nigeria with his folklore music, could compete with the Pop Makossa giants from Cameroon. 

Currently, African music scenery has been conquered by the Afro Beats from Nigeria which comes with it a reward of worldwide fame and millions of dollars into the account of Nigerian musicians.  To many, it’s an impossibility for any African country to defeat Nigeria and cease the musical throne, but to Stanley Enow, it’s a dream come true in the nearest future. 

Stanley Enow, on a live interview on Pulse TV Naija made the following affirmation:

Cameroon will take over African Music from Nigeria

Stanley Enow

Stanley Enow got chastised, bashed and heavily criticized by angry Nigerians—what’s most baffling about it all—is that, the very Cameroonians for whom he made the declaration wasted no time to express their pessimism and hate for Stanley Enow’s King Kong crown.

The unanswered question remains; was Stanley Enow in the right frame of mind when he made the statement?

Before we dare to provide an answer to the above question, it’s worthwhile to probe Stanley Enow’s mindset by looking at his achievements: 

Just like Tuface of Naija, Stanley Enow is the icon of Kamer urban music! His mission statement was well stipulated in his street banger “Hein Pere”  with which he captured the heart of fans from every nook and cranny in Cameroon. His win at the MTV Africa Music Awards, #MAMA 2014 as the best new act, sent a shock wave across the continent as no body could fathom a Cameroonian easily winning a much prestigious award against the likes of: Olamide and Pyhno.  

Stanley Enow has succeeded to secure international collabos with top Musicians worldwide: AKA from South Africa, featured in his bounce; Sarkodie from Ghana in his Njama Njama Cow Remix, Dj Neptune in King Kong, Mr. Eazi in Adore You,  Ice Prince in Yours and most recently, Davido in Caramel.

We have seen Stanley Enow assist and hold the hands of many other Cameroonian musicians and secure a place for them on the spotlight: Locko was nameless and seeking to be known when he published on Aug 30, 2013 his cover and version of Stanley Enow’s Hein Pere.

Stanley Enow had promised to award whomever with the best cover of his song a featuring space in any of his upcoming project. He kept his promise by giving Locko the opportunity to sing the chorus of the track “Bounce” off his SLMP album:

Montess, Dynastie Le Tigre and many other Kamer music artists are all beneficiaries of the King Kong’s benevolence as he selflessly featured in their songs un-taxed and helped propelled their musical careers in the process. 

From the above explanations, we can deduce that, Stanley Enow has: a positive mind, open-minded, optimistic and supportive. And conclusively, such a statement made live on pulse tv Naija can only come from an optimist who is definitely in the right frame of his/her mind.

We of Cameroonian Beauties, vehemently stand with Stanley Enow!

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2 Thoughts to “Was Stanley Enow in the right frame of mind when he made the statement?”

  1. What Stanley Enow said is 100% true. Cameroon produces better music than Nigeria hence the reason why most Cameroon music has stood the test of time. The Nigerian Afropop genre can,t be considered as good music but viral music (a byproduct of good marketing). Viral music are only popular within a short period of time (i.e. it can,t stand the test of time). The outdated Coupe Decale music is a good example of Viral Music (just like the Afropop music). Few years back the Africans were dancing to Coupe Decale but today its now sounding like noises in our ears. Thats exactly what will happen to the Nigeria Afropop music. I think with good marketing and sponsorship, Cameroon will take over like Stanley Enow said. We just need more promotion platforms like boom TV and good sponsorship. Cameroon music is like a gem which has been hidden. We just need to expose it to the world. Ok ! thats my own lil contribution.

    1. thanks for reading and dropping your contribution, hope to see more of you on our blog

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