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The Mud House That Made Music and World Music day Epic

young holiday on world music day

The Mud House That Made Music and World Music day Epic.

World Music Day

World Music Day and Hard Punchlines from Young Holiday and Benny Clancy

The Vanilla City crew did not let the environment deprive them of having fun on World Music Day.

Life  was made a sweet saying jamboree when the finest from Vanilla City combined and put to the test the strength of their wit.

Young Holiday and Benny Clancy just proved once more why they rival with none but themselves.

Following the release of ‘What I’ve Become’ the crew made a silent but huge statement to the entire industry.

Not only fluent rappers like others, they are the most intelligent in the industry at the moment.

As music lovers anticipate the release of their next single ‘My Music My Love’ featuring Gee Reign, they decided to celebrate world music day with the best freestyle show so far.

In the backyard of their house and with punchlines like;

Me against me, am the winner of the contest…

I Rap for respect something above your Payroll.

I got the perfect kind of blend Garri and Eru…

My music compares with ENEO, my music brings the light…

I stand to face the unpredictable you run from…

Buy a gun and come, I still treat you like a bygone…

I make your style of rapping go extinct like the dinosaurs…

They see the ashes, they know the rappers that am burning…

This is a game, am good friends with the control player…

That’s why I fuck the world, yeah I dis-virgin the ozone layer…

I dine with God, hmmm can you pass me the bread of life?…

Ha hahaha hahaha haha, that’s an epic freestyle from Vanilla boys….

As we anticipate ‘My Music My Love’, you could watch ‘What I’ve Become’ here;

The World Music Day: Brief History

French composer Maurice Fleuret being obsessed with music during his life and having an undying desire to create a new understanding of contemporary music in the public, brought this day to the world.

Fete de la Musique or World Music Day 2017 (not to be confused with International Music Day) is being celebrated on June 21, marking the beginning of summer solstice.

In October 1981, French Minister of Culture Jack Lang appointed Maurice Fleuret as the director of music and dance.

The duo conceived an event that will allow all musicians – amateur and experienced – to express themselves.

The first World Music Day or Fete de la Musique took place on June 21, 1982 – the year’s summer solstice in the North hemisphere.

Thousands of citizens came out to part in the initiative all across France, till late at night. It later became a (part) national holiday.

Over the years, World Music Day has evolved to explore new musical trends and music from across the world, and revives traditional music.

Musicians from all genres and all ages, amateurs and experienced performers, gather together to perform at various public places.

The movement spread and is now celebrated in over 700 cities in 120 countries.


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World Music day
Anticipate My Music My Love by Young Holiday ft GReign



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