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Young Holiday to represent Cameroonians on international Stages

Young Holiday

Salatiel leads his team to a musical colonization while Jovi continues with his dominant Mboko Version of Rap. Skidi Boy and other hardcore musicians express themselves in pidgin as Stanley Enow stays dominant at the herm. Young Holiday raps and represent the standard English heritage of Cameroon music for an all international exposure!

Language is the product of a society. Cameroon as a society has over 200 local languages (contri toks), 3 Languages introduced by our colonizers (English, French and Pidgin). Pidgin is simply the break down of standard English and this language was developed by the colonizers because our forefathers could barely understood the Standard English.

Over time, as our society changed, the pidgin English has been coded and expanded into what we term today “Mboko”–a blend of pidgin english, standard english, contri tok, street parlance and French. Out of the Mboko Lexicon, Stanley Enow emerged with “Hein Pere” which sky-rockted him to heights unattainable by many other artists.

And from the huge Mboko wordbook, Jovi created his Mboko version of rap–Few national awards–no international accolades,  but many of his fans believe the Mboko Rap will pay off in the future!

Young Holiday is now on stage rapping in a language he has spoken from birth, studied, read and wrote exams.

Making proper use of many writing styles: Expository, descriptive, persuasive and narrative. Sometime literal and direct, other times using metaphors, ironies, aphorisms etc., to express himself musically, Young Holiday has the perfect mind for versatility.

Can anyone in their right state of mind fail to applaud Young Holiday for telling the world that Cameroonians can also rap perfectly in standard English?

Can anyone in their right frame of mind blame Young Holiday for being so Poetic?

Which language then is the right language for Cameroonians to express themselves musically?

Standard English?
Contri Tok?

Young Holiday has chosen a path, he is here to answer a pertinent question which has to do with the extinction of the Standard English as a musical Language in the Cameroonian scenery. Mr. Leo, Salatiel and Other artists have proven how tough the competition is in the music industry. They blend all the aforementioned languages to make good music that can stand the test of time, but they sing more in French because our so called Francophone brothers wouldn’t support an Anglophone Artist singing in Pure English and as a result, many English Speaking Musician became impostors just to pick crumbs from the table.  They fail to understand that English is s a language of globalization and with it, they can easily reach Billions of people than the 15 million biased French Speaking Cameroonians they sold their identity  to please.

Again, Young Holiday is here to answer the un-answered questions: should English Language be capitalized on as a musical Language in Cameroon?

Why are Cameroonian Rappers neglecting punchlines in English?

The battlefield is a flat surface. Here, the best wins. Whether singing in Mboko, contritalk, French or English, let’s give room for healthy competition. This is a time for dominance, this is a time for excellence. Let’s welcome the new King of Rap.

Listen to My Music My Love by Young Holiday and drop Your comments below. Let us know if it’s time to start dropping Pidgin punchlines or in Francanglais or contritalk…


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